I've always been puzzled why such a forward thinking, liberal rainbow and unicorn loving city like Austin allows its water supply to be fluoridated.

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Although the topic is still debated, I am convinced, after speaking to a former National Intelligence officer for President H.W. Bush, who confirmed that fluoride was used as common procedure to make an enemy camp docile and slow prior to raiding it in Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia, that fluoride has no place in a public water supply.

Call it mass medication, or industrial waste disposal, or believe the government, who are here to help you with your dental care.

Whatever you want to believe, surely the citizens of Austin have the right to determine for themselves if they want to use fluoride?

Hey Wendy Davis, this is about women's health too you know? How about you use your pink sneakers to help out on this issue?

To the activists of the Austin Fluoride Hunger Strike, I say:

Thank You for Your Courage.

12/30/13; 13:16PM

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12/30/13; 11:11AM

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By Adam Curry, Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:11 AM.