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Memo to the No Agenda Community
By Adam Curry on Monday, May 02, 2011 at 4:07 PM.
A picture named Ministry-of-Truth.jpgThere have been many calls to action in the past 12 hours to convene a 'special' or 'emergency' episode of the No Agenda Show in light of the latest news. permalink
Doing this would be senseless and you should expect more from the best podcast in the universe. permalink
For now is not the time to huddle and point fingers outwards. Now is the time to spread all our resources, follow every lead and observe all the puppets in this brazen theatrical performance that is just another attempt at keeping us happy and distracted slaves. permalink
Keep your eye on, keep the information flowing. Share ideas in the No Agenda Chat and IRC channels. permalink
Instinctively you know you are being conned, every bone in your body feels it.  permalink
JCD and I have work to do, as do all of you. We'll compare notes during our regularly scheduled thursday congregation. In The Morning. permalink

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