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I'm a Happy MailSteward Pro User
By Adam Curry on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 7:33 PM.
A picture named happyUser.jpgI've been working with a lot of developers recently and am reminded by my 'inside view' of the work they do just how amazing that work really is.  permalink
If you've ever looked at the code that makes your 'stuff' 'just work', then you know what I'm talking about. If not, try a google search or two to look at some code. permalink
I like getting paid for my work, and I like paying for software I use. It gets me support when needed, and helps further the development of the products I use. A lot of the software I use is built by one man shops, filling a void that bigger companies can't or won't. permalink
The biggest hurdle for these developers is the cost of marketing. They can't buy mainstream advertising, hire PR firms to in turn hire convince bloggers or Mike Arrington to write about them, and google has gotten progressively worse at helping find these gems. So I am reminding myself that the best marketing assistance I can provide is a blog post sent out to 'my world' about their products. permalink
Today's Happy User post is about MailSteward Pro. permalink
Late last year I decided I would move my email 'off the cloud' onto my own server in-house. This was a lot easier than I expected it to be, with the help of OSX-Server running on a Mac Mini. permalink
The real penalty would come from having to say goodbye to GMail's excellent search functionality in their product.  permalink
Not willing to give this up easily, I went hunting for a solution and found MailSteward. The "Pro" version allows you to automatically store all your email into an mysql database, which was easily set up on my Mac Mini. permalink
The program has a nice and understandable interface (screen shot) that lets me search for any message, attachment, sender etc. in a very logical way. Results are returned as fast, if not faster than a search in GMail and here's the kicker; the results I get are better than GMail. This is because I am interacting directly with the application in a logical fashion, GMail would at times try to be 'too helpful' in my queries, undoubtedly anticipating people I've emailed in the past and other smoky parameters only the GMail team knows about. permalink
Now, before you start commenting about how you *can* query GMail to get better results, the point of my happiness is that I'm able to do this at home, on my own machine, without a BigCo between me and my data. Quite simply, this product works for me and I Love It. permalink
So, my thanks today go to John Seward and his MailSteward Pro product. permalink
(disclosure: I was not paid to write this, I have no interest in the company, product or developer's business, and I paid for my copy of the software. I'm just a happy user :-) permalink

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