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No Agenda Show Deutschland Press
By Adam Curry on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 5:30 PM.
John and I received a nice bit of PR for the No Agenda podcast today in the mainstream German media. Handelsblatt closes out their coverage of what they are calling "Facebook-Gate" with our take on the PR smear; permalink
Doch Facebook-Gate stellt das alles in den Schatten. Oder wie es die New Media-Pioniere Adam Curry and John Dvorak in ihrer Radioshow feststellten: "Das ganze stellt eines klar: Google ist bose. Facebook ist bose. Die in Wahrheit schmeissen langst die PR-Agenturen die ganze Show." permalink
Google translate really doesn't know what to do with this paragraph. I think the essence of it is: permalink
Google is evil, Facebook is evil. As the show always makes clear, it's what PR agencies do. permalink
I'd love a better contextual translation if possible. permalink

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