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By Adam Curry on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 8:48 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday May 19th 2011 permalink
Last Show Ever permalink
Direct link to the show permalink
Last Show Ever permalink
Executive Producers: James Brewis, James Sutton, Nikola Kress, Random Hillbilly permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Craig Porter, Michael Miller permalink
James Brewis permalink
James Sutton permalink
Michael Miller permalink
Lari Korpi permalink
Become a member of the 306 Club, support the show here Link permalink permalink
Adam, permalink
  Great show. I've pointed to   The domain was inspired by a Nigerian scam email I received that said not to trust the other "fraud stars", the spelling is likely the result of an automatic spell check correction of "fraudsters". permalink
Later, permalink
Fraud permalink
@adamcurry Another domain redirect: Besides registering domains, I'm also an $11.11 monthly subscriber. #itm Link permalink
In the morning Adam and John - It's Mark Hanusz from Equinox Publishing in Jakarta here. Appreciate the kind mention on show No. 304. Quite a few of us were surprised that John said Kuala Lumpur is better than Jakarta so I just reserved a new domain that forwards to that properly expresses our sentiments: permalink permalink
Check it out! permalink
Best permalink
Mark Hanusz permalink
Equinox Publishing permalink
Jakarta, Indonesia permalink
Hello Mr. Curry, Mr. Dvorak permalink
I appreciate the work that you guys do.  In addition to being an $11.11 giving-level contributor I'd like do my part for the cause by forwarding my domain to   permalink permalink
• Sitting in ones driveway to listen to the last few minutes of a captivating article on the national treasure, NPR.   permalink
• Rushing home so as not to miss the beginning of AC360. permalink
• Watching MSNBC for any period of time. permalink
• Volunteering as Obama campaign aides. permalink
• Repeatedly texting money to Haiti. permalink
• Protesting in favor of one world currency which they believe would result in world peace and total social justice permalink
Victims of advanced SJD may be liberal or conservative but research shows that virtually no (0) libertarians appear to suffer from the disorder.  So far, the only confirmed cure for SJD is 2-4 hours of the No Agenda Show weekly.  When treatment continues for an extended period, recovery is almost 100%. permalink
Remember, if you see something say something. permalink
Keep up the work... permalink
Martin Yeomans permalink
Memphis permalink
Just received a message from the manufacturer... rings are shipping to me on the 20th. permalink
I should receive them by the end of the month, shipping out to the knights a few days later. permalink
Bottom line: Rings will be en route to the knights by 6/10. permalink
John/Adam: permalink
I think you'll enjoy this link to the NA Donation Page: permalink permalink is a free, anonymous email service I offer.  I can't think of a better domain for a NA /donate page. permalink
=Robert Gold= permalink
Minuteman+ permalink
Toronto permalink
Adam, permalink
Feel free to link to the Credibility Bar ( permalink
from the  You didn't think you guys would rate permalink
very high! :-) permalink
BTW, the next monthly preapproved PayPal 111.11 donation should be there permalink
by Thursday's show. permalink
Thanks. permalink
Robert Simpson permalink
ITM Adam, permalink
Thanks for pimping my site on Sunday's show.  I was pretty disappointed more folks weren't able to chip in and get the the coffers filled. permalink
In another effort to give back to you guys for the show, I scored some pretty decent domains that are now forwarding as follows: permalink,  and all forward to permalink and are now forwarding to permalink
Hope that helps! permalink
Richard permalink
gitmo show saturday 10am pst - end of days stream permalink
NANN - Ted C Howard permalink
No Agenda Nation Tour - permalink
Art By: Jesse Anderson permalink
ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) Link permalink
New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video asstes used) Link permalink
The No Agenda News Network- Link permalink

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