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Review of HBO's "Too Big To Fail"
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 8:20 PM.
A picture named pinocchio.jpgYesterday I watched the premier of HBO's dramatic television interpretation of Andrew Ross Sorkin's "Too Big To Fail". It was hard to miss, the marketing budget in the greater Los Angeles area must have been huge. While certainly entertaining to watch and chockerblock with good actors like James Woods, Paul Giamatti, Matthew Modine, Ed Anser and Willam Hurt, I can safely say that this 'movie' is a piece of shit. permalink
A total whitewash of those responsible for the financial crisis. permalink
The message: your government is really good, on your side and saved us all from armageddon. Banks are now really too big to fail (the movie ends with this message) permalink
Treasury secretary Hank Paulson is portrayed as a hero, Ben Bernanke is the voice of calm and reason. Neel Kashkari is the genius, Timmy Geithner is a straight shooter. permalink
Give me a break. permalink
I know times are tough in Hollywood, work is hard to come by and money up front has been replaced by points on the "back-end", but these actors should be ashamed of being complicit to this ficticious account of history. The three days when Paulson, Bernanke, Geither et al literally threatened US representatives in secret meetings into passing a three page bill are conspicuously missing from the entire account. permalink
Throughout the piece there's an interesting subtext of how these 'complicated issues' need to be communicated to the American public, because we're apparently too stupid to understand the lingua franca of criminals. permalink
Luckily, President Obama's European Tour 2011 has distracted a lot of attention from this blatant broadcast from the Ministry of Truth.  permalink
The creators failed to draw in the big audience they wanted because of a rookie mistake; the didn't cast Kim Kardashian. permalink

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