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No Agenda Shownotes Design Challenge
By Adam Curry on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 6:16 PM.
A picture named challenge.jpgThe World Outline project is progressing with leaps and bounds! permalink
This is the technology behind the new Shownotes archive for the No Agenda Podcast shownotes. permalink
A big corner turn this past week is the ability to apply CSS design and Stylsheets to the template for the directory. permalink
The standard layout looks like this (note the album art is on the page as well). Here's a different example of layout and icons on the page for episode 305, and a completey kool old skool design from Southernbread for episode 306. permalink
I'd love to have a new global look for the shownotes, but am also excited about the possibility of having a different design for each episode, similar to what we have for each episode's album art. permalink
If you have a design, post a comment below with a link to your stylsheet and I'll give it a home here. permalink
Update: 5/30/11; 1:16:00 PM by AC permalink
We have our first theme entry and I've applied it to shownotes pages for episode 307 and 308 in observance of WWDC. Kudos to drkhrse! permalink

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