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By Adam Curry on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 8:33 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday June 26th 2011 permalink
Adios, MOFO! permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
Adios, MOFO! permalink
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After listening to NA 314 and hearing that clip where the new leader of Al Qaeda, Al Zawahiri, being called a CEO I was thinking that the next step is for Al Qaeda to have an IPO. So I thought that might be a good investment and that there is no better page for it to forward to than permalink
Thank you for hosting one of the most enjoyable shows around, permalink
Sincerely permalink
-Ryan Hoskins permalink Link permalink
@adamcurry new non-no agenda redirect: Taco Bell -, surprised it was still available #itm Link permalink
Hi Adam & John!  permalink
I'm pleased to announce that's one year anniversary is this Sunday! Glad to be part of the community that you and your listeners built! permalink
Looking forward to seeing Adam & Mickey (and maybe John!) when the Hot Pocket Tour 2008 rolls into the SF Bay Area! permalink
Best, permalink
Dave Bryan permalink permalink
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