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Jerry Brown Wants To Kill My Business
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 7:44 PM.
I'd heard rumblings about this, but now Amazon is bringing it home with a notice I just received in my Inbox. permalink
A picture named browBurns2.jpgGrated, their subject line is written specifically to entice people like me, who make a (partial) living from affiliate sales, to get riled up, as they aren't actually terminating my agreement, just threatening to do so if the taxation law goes into effect. permalink
I interview authors of books, best sellers, pulitzer prize winners. Why do they come on my show? Because there aren't a lot of outlets for authors. It's hard for some of the lesser known writers to get in front of an audience. The amazon book store is perfect in conjunction with the Big App Show for direct access to buying their work immediately. I receive a percentage of those sales. An additional tax will hurt. permalink
I'm reseraching what Governor Brown is doing here, so I can be better informed about Amazon's claims of unconstitutionality, but I feel pretty taxed as it is in this state. From 'Use fees' to almost 10% sales tax, 10% income tax and outrageous utility bills, it's becoming unliveable here.  permalink
Of course Amazon doesn't have to pull the plug on the associates program, but if I find that their constitutional claim has merit, I will stand by them. permalink
Regardless, it's tIme to start looking for another state. Too bad, I'll miss the weather. permalink
(post script) More information on the bill here permalink
Ken Rockwell explains the issue of 'Advertising fees' in detail. permalink
The Amazon notice is below: permalink

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