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By Adam Curry on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 8:29 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday June 30th 2011 permalink
Blood and Treasure permalink
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Blood and Treasure permalink
Executive Producers: Dame Francine Hardaway, Justin Seitz, Nate Mayer permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Eric Mitch, S. Russel Williams,  permalink
333 Club Members: Justin Seitz, Nate Mayer, Sir Stefan Springer permalink
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In the morning Adam, permalink
    I forwarded, and to I sent you an e-mail yesterday explaining that I'm trying to help out a friends family. It took me a couple hours to figure out how to forward them. Hey, I drive a truck for a living, not very interwebs literate. Anyways, hope you guys can help me out. And I misspelled their facebook link, it's permalink
Thanks Adam, permalink
Sir Daniel Huttner permalink
Good day John and Adam, permalink
I am currently forwarding the following URLs to permalink
  permalink permalink permalink
Let me know if you want this to point to a Twitter account instead. permalink
Also I think you picked up on a meme in 316 that may need to be more fully explored.  It is the meme of using your penis as a weapon.  I think this is used not only to propogate the war against Libya but to further emasuculate males in the United States.  It is to make males look at the one major body difference from their female counterparts as something used for harm instead of pleasure.  I think this harkens back to the clip you aired where teachers are trying to make boys behave like girls and anything considered masculine to be primitive, undesired and likely evil. permalink
--  permalink
Sincerely, permalink
Christopher Schuh permalink
No Agenda Producer permalink
In the morning.   permalink
I am enjoying the show since being hit in the mouth by my good friend Matthew Guthrie.  I've made a one off donation of $75 and setup a couple of domains to redirect to in keeping with your increasing regulatory role on the internet. permalink permalink permalink
Can you also please give Matt a double shot of karma to brighten up his day. permalink
Thanks permalink
Shane. permalink
Got a new one I just added... may take an hour or so to go live, but I've forwarded this one to permalink permalink
Also, I made this cheesy site a while permalink  (click on the squirrel) permalink
ITM permalink
James permalink
I just wanted to let you know that I forwarded to today. permalink
--  permalink
Sean Creigh - Owner permalink
FilterShopper permalink
Forgot to add to my $200 note that I registered and forwarded to permalink
I just setup and have the following domains forwarding to you guys: permalink permalink permalink
Thanks for the amazing show! And as soon as I can free up some time I'll create you some nice CSS for the site. permalink
Peace, permalink
Byron permalink permalink
-- permalink
Jan Persiel permalink
I have forwarded: permalink and  permalink to  permalink   permalink
There is no need to mention my name on air, I don't want to be responsible for boring myself during the show. permalink
Thanks for all the hard work. permalink
Cheers, permalink
Glenn Pogue permalink
"Sir Peet" here. Here are some new domains pointing to permalink
• permalink
• permalink
• permalink
• permalink
I also have running, leaching the tweets of some active noagenda news twitter accounts. permalink
Onwards to the 500 domains! Cheers!  permalink
Peet permalink
Adam, permalink
I am proud to announce that is now forwarding to permalink
Thanks, permalink
Sean Pendergast permalink
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