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By Adam Curry on Sunday, December 04, 2011 at 7:47 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday December 4th 2011 permalink
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Drone Journalism permalink
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Begin forwarded message: permalink
> From: Gene VanMeter  permalink
> Date: December 4, 2011 6:36:04 AM EST permalink
> To: permalink
> Subject: Domain name forward permalink
>  permalink
> I have a domain forward for you the show: permalink
> Keep up the great work. permalink
>  permalink
> Gene VanMeter permalink
Hey guys, permalink
I was buying a domain while finishing last show and tried "thenoagendashow" and saw it was available for most TLDs. So I bought a few and forwarded them to permalink
- permalink
- permalink
- permalink
- permalink
- permalink
- permalink
- permalink
In the morning. Hear you tomorrow. permalink
Harold permalink
Hi adam . I emailed a few days ago regarding a website I have created for the no agenda community . The website is "" and is a small business networking website for no agenda listeners with small businesses . This website is open to everyone around the world , and a portion of the proceeds will be donated weekly / monthly to the show . I would appreciate a mention on the show for this to kickstart the idea . Thank you very much  permalink
• permalink
This is regards to the conversations on episode 359. permalink
--  permalink
Pat Deery permalink
HR#: 4,450,852,993 permalink
I sent the JCD Email to permalink
Is that his email of choice? permalink
I'm wanting to help out the show. SO if anyone orders a Bruns Clothing jacket, for 12 dollars I will embroider a NoAgenda meme of their choice on the crest (Left chest side). All 12 dollars will be forwarded to the show. "Slave" ,"", "Doug", "Dvorac.Org/NA" or whatever other No Agenda meme. permalink
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