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By Adam Curry on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 8:20 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday December 11th 2011 permalink
Katy Bar The Door, Baby! permalink
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Katy Bar The Door, Baby! permalink
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Jaap permalink
Hey Adam, permalink
Eindelijk een domein gevonden waarbij mijn mede NA luisteraars mij niet te snel af waren met registreren! permalink permalink
Verwijst nu naar permalink
Cheers, permalink
Tristan Bethe permalink
Adam, permalink
Well, the spammers got the best of me. A spam-bot was able to create enough blog posts on (29,000 pages in one day) that I was no longer able to delete the user because Godaddy wouldn't increase my PHP execution time limit. They then shut down my database because it was too large so I was unable to use a plugin on the site to manage the spam. I use shared hosting and have clients' sites on this account so I had to pull the plug. I had intended to send a message out to all the Good Slaves that had signed up, it would be bogative not to, but I couldn't even get into the site when the time came to send the mass email. permalink
Long story short, I'm forwarding to If anyone wants to contact me they can go through my new venture, permalink
It was fun while it lasted! permalink
Ramsey permalink
P.S. permalink
If you mention this during a PR segment tell Kilo, "Thanks for everything." permalink
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