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By Adam Curry on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 8:08 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday December 15th 2011 permalink
Trojan Horse permalink
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Trojan Horse permalink
Executive Producers: Atomic Rod Adams permalink
Executive Producer and 365 Club members: Gavin Williams, Kirk Anne permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Erik Schimek permalink
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and permalink permalink
all forwarding to╩ permalink
Merry Christmas.... permalink
Much wine and Karma to ya. permalink
Black Knight Birch. permalink╩ and now pointing to permalink
Regards, permalink
Blake Hughes permalink
ITM, permalink
Long time listener, 10-10-10 coin holder, and minuteman here... Congrats to Adam on moving to my favorite state. I'll get there one day... permalink
I've forwarded these 4 domains to The Best Podcast In The Universe. I'm sure you two would rather have the cash but these are real gems. I'll restart my $11.11/month donation since work is picking up but I could use a golden shower of Karma so things will really take off and I can get my knighthood. Keep up the good work! Adios MOFOs! permalink
Ben permalink
Tulsa, OK permalink permalink permalink permalink permalink
John or Adam- Please email the physical address for my bank's online billpay. Paypal blows! permalink
I'm drunk but my understanding is that this is encouragwd permalink
One of the awesome app guys should make an app for "Newsstand" on iOS devices. There's pratically nothing in there besides the new York times, "guitar world" and something like fucking ".net today" or Whatever permalink
A no agenda newsstand app (that pulls from the show notes or something) would probably be popular just because it's not about .net. permalink
fuck .net permalink
And I can't play the guitar. permalink
Shows awesome! permalink
Sent from my iPhone permalink
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