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By Adam Curry on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 8:07 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday December 22nd 2011 permalink
Hats of State permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
Hats of State permalink
Executive Producer and 367 Club member: Sir Dwayne Melancon, permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Herbert Harms, Andrew Kirby, Anonymous, Jay Ragusa, Dean Carsen permalink
Become a member of the 368 Club, support the show here Link permalink
Hi John and Adam, permalink
I was listening to sunday's show this morning on the way to work, and got amazed about the cow-searching drone. permalink
This got me thinking about being droned at home and I verified if that would be available as a domain name. permalink
To my suprise it was, so here you go: permalink permalink permalink permalink permalink
are now forwarding to permalink
Please consider that as my first contribution, if all goes well professionaly in the next few months, expect some donations to follow ! permalink
Thanks for all you are doing, and greetings from the Kingdom of Thailand, or, as I should say, "Khop khun maak khrap, chok dii khrap !" (thanks a lot and good luck) permalink
Xavier. permalink
ohn and Adam, permalink
Just wanted to let you know I have pointed a new domain at permalink
The ultimate plan with save-page-as is to build a service (Offshore, so if either of you know a good off-shore host, that would be great to know), that you can enter a URL (Or use a bookmarklet, or a plugin), and save it off with tags, and all that. Everything will be anonymous, no logs will be kept, and no requests to remove items will be accepted. permalink
Just my way of helping to keep those pages such as the articles on soy shrinking brains, or what have you, online. permalink
--  permalink
Brian Bommarito permalink
Sent with Sparrow permalink  (Wonderful connotations on this one.) permalink
  permalink permalink
Score! permalink is redirecting to  permalink
Those who will give their liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security. permalink
In the morning John and Adam, permalink
Here's another forward.... now goes to permalink
By the way, you guys have made me look more critically at the permalink
"news".The fact of the matter is that recently I've just been scanning permalink
the headlines and then waiting for you to parse the content. permalink
Belligerently yours, permalink
Steve Thompson permalink
Hi Adam, permalink
Hope you are well. permalink
I am really sorry you haven't heard from me sooner. The NoAgenda game has not done as well as I had hoped and I couldn't send the money easily. So I am still a boner. permalink
Then a few months ago I had an epiphany. I could rewrite an unpublished game and donate that. permalink
I use GameSalad Creator to make my games. The app is FREE to download and publish stuff. You are already an Apple Dev Licensee so... permalink
Hit the button @ permalink
Get the iOS viewer at the bottom of this page: permalink
Unzip the attached file to get a package that will run. permalink
There are some No Agenda graphics/sound, and polishing issues, that need to be added and resolved. permalink
I hope this is suitable. permalink
Keep showing the jaw dropping reality that the media hides from us. permalink
Cheers permalink
Valan permalink
Knighthoods: Spike, Paul the Book Guy, Armin Breuer permalink
Art By: alba  permalink
ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) Link permalink
New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) Link permalink
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