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Moving to Mountain Goat
By Adam Curry on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 5:50 PM.
A picture named moUntainGoat.jpgI've been a user of Apple computers most of my life. permalink
Over the course of the past 2 decades I have attempted to become a Linix user many, many times, but it just never was quite ready for me, or perhaps I wasn't ready for Linux. permalink
I've built kernels, tried several different 'distros', but the experience never came close to anything I witnessed on a Mac. permalink
This week I am giving it another try, and so far it looks like it might stick. permalink
I use 4 main machines in my computer life; permalink
-A MacBook Air for day to day writing and managing my 'stuff' permalink
-A MacBook Pro, which doubles as my 'road machine' for my podcast. It has very specific software installed that has taken me years to collect and configure. permalink
-A Mac-Mini that runs my studio, it has a lot of the same traits as the MBP. permalink
-A Mac Mini for my home server. It runs my Mail server, DNS and a few other typical server functions that I no longer trust 'the cloud' to provide me with. permalink
The road to moving entirely to Linux is a path to be travelled cautiously. And I'm starting with my MBA, the machine I use most on a day to day basis for my 'life stuff'. permalink
Why? Because its time. permalink
Not only did Apple's true business model really start to become visible for me with AddressBookGate, but the proposed changes to the Mac 'Experience' are no longer on par with what attracted me to the Mac in the first place. permalink
Outside of the hardware, which I still love and cherish as a work of art. The MBA is beautiful and nice to operate. permalink
I've installed Ubuntu 11.10 on the MBA and am delighted with the speed and experience. The apps I need are perfectly suitable versions or alternatives, and since my main app: The OPML Editor now runs smoothly and stable in wine-1.3, I'm good to go. Murphy willing. permalink
So while Apple moves towards a more iOS experience with Mountain Lion, I'm moving in another direction. permalink
I'm calling my system Mountain Goat. permalink
I'm documenting everything as I go, and once I'm fully satisfied with my MBA, I'll probably look at the server next, since Linux is very appropriate to run in that environment. permalink
Explaining what I mean by 'experience' is not only difficult, but very individualistic. I like keyboard commands, using the mouse as little as possible. I like speed. I like a high level of customization and organization. I want the operting system to get out of the way of what I'm doing, but being able to lift up the hood when I need to and dismantle the chassis if I feel like it. permalink
I like choice. permalink
I'm also not afraid to try things out and break stuff in the process, certainly if that will ultimately give me the results and 'experience' I desire. permalink

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