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Facebook is a Bug
By Adam Curry on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 1:48 AM.
On the eve of the highly anticipated IPO of the social networking site, I too must weigh in on it's value. (everyone else seems to have an opinion, so why not, right?) permalink
The internet is not just "the web". I've been around the net since the Gopher days. It was very much a network back then, and much more evident than today's flash ridden, banner infested UI. permalink
A picture named squashedBug.jpgThis network was designed to be decentralized. Anything that breaks or even attempts to centralize it is seen by the network as a bug. permalink
Bugs eventually get squashed. permalink
So too will Facebook, twitter and any other 'blockage' of the decentralized nature of the net. permalink
If centralization and control of it's users truly was possible, then we'd already be paying an internet tax. permalink
And that's what FB is attempting to do here, tax usage of the network by reselling you to the highest bidder. permalink
The last big bug we saw was AOL. Once the 'safe gateway' to the internet, now relegated to a digital xerox machine run by Arianna Huffington.  permalink
Bug Squashed permalink
Next. permalink

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