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Twitter for Hams
By Adam Curry on Tuesday, December 25, 2012 at 2:29 PM.

I became a Ham a few months ago. Went from Technician to General in 4 weeks. permalink

Once I got my first HF rig (IC-7200) I quickly noticed there have been some exciting changes in HF transmissions with the so called "Digital Modes" permalink

It combines the processing power of modern pc's with worldwide communication capabilities permalink

It has enabled world wide data conversations using very low powered transmitters and simple (but not less innovative!) antennas. permalink

These conversations are mainly text, but can also facilitate the transfer of binary information such as [small] files. permalink

The software interfaces for these digital modes are stuck in the 'old way' of doing things permalink

In fact, they are so old fashioned that the biggest 'innovation' appears to be the use of programmable macros that allow the 'operators' to store pre-programmed information about him/herself, QTH, Rig, and of course the current holiday greetings. permalink

Its so bad that I can even tell who is using an unregistered version of certain software. permalink

BORING! permalink

What is needed right now are new interfaces to encourage dynamic conversation between multiple parties permalink

There is no reason why PSK31 can't work like twitter. permalink

In fact it already does, with it's real-time capability combined with storing messages sent for you when you weren't around to see them. permalink

Just flip the waterfall 90 degrees, don't transmit until the carriage return has been hit, and perhaps generate a unique message id for threading and you're in business. permalink

Maybe I'm alone in seeing this gigantic gaping whole in Amateur Radio Software, but I certainly intend on writing a lot more about it. permalink

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