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WWE Champion "The Miz" on the Big App Show
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 11:12 PM.
A picture named theMiz.jpgFormer MTV "Real World" star turned reining WWE Champion stopped by the Big App Show studio this morning. permalink
We talked about the upcoming Wrestlemania 27 (!) pay per view event, but also about his career, questions that came in over twitter and even what books he's been reading. permalink
This marks a corner turn for the App Show Network, as The Miz actually came to promote an awesome WWE DVD titled: "WWE, The true story of Wrestlemania" permalink
So now besides Apps, we also feature DVD's along with books. permalink
Too see Mike "The Miz" talk about how he will kick rival John Cena's butt on April 3d, get the Big App Show app and tap on the DVD tab. permalink
Get the BAS app for Android here permalink
A picture named BigAppsRounded.jpgGet the BAS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad here permalink
(note, iOS users that already have the app installed may have to restart it twice to get the new DVD tab) permalink

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