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My name is Adam Curry and this section will contain info about me in the future, as soon as I get a few other things done.

Clearly it's time for me to start taking this blog roll serious, as it is now at it's own url:



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Federal Ripp-Off Permalink.

The courts forced the Federal Reserve to release their full documentation of all loans and bailouts they provided worldwide.

Bernanke et al. had been fighting this for years. Today is D-Day and there is a 136MB file available for download from my server. It's all PDF's, many still redacted (censored), but there is enough data to get really, really mad.

Hundreds of billions in toxic asset bailouts of Hedge Funds. Top of the list is Wexford Capital LLC, who's Chairman, Charles Davidson is a Godman Sachs alumn. Coincidence? I think not.

Hundreds of billions given to banks in other countries, including Libya. Oh, and don't forget the employee owned hedge funds. It's so disgusting.

Fuck these guys. Elitist pricks and thieves of the American people's money.

If you see any of them, throw your shoe at them, for they are not worthy of the dog crap under our soles.

Twitter is Down Permalink.


When twitter is down, does it stop the "Arab Spring"?

Can the revolt continue?

Oh the humanity!

World Wide Hookup Permalink.

A picture named WorldConnections.jpgIt's a rainy Saturday afternoon. Mommy I'm bored!

Let's have some fun. If you have a DropBox Account, you can play along

Download the OPML Editor for Mac or Windows here. Its free.

Install it. Ignore everything it does for now (feel free to explore later)

From the File menu select New

Right-click on little triangle you see in the new untitled document.

You will see a menu pop up

Select Add Feed

Paste this URL into the box:

Save the document with either controlKey-S or Save from the File menu

Name the file something like 'yourNameWorldOutline.opml in your Public dropbox folder

Now double click on the Untitled newspaper icon in your document.

It should expand, and you will see my document, with more icons to click on.

Some of the icons are more lists (opml files) some are feeds (rss) You can also select Add Link from thr right click menu to link to web pages, videos, sound files. Anything that has a URL

Now repeat the process of pasting in feeds in a few more lines in your OPML document

Email me the public Dropbox URL of your opml Document [adam (at) curry (dot) com], and I'll paste that into mine in some kind of Geographic organization.

When you click on my node again, you will see where I put it.

This is linking all our documents together, like a directory. But no one is the boss.

Lets see what we can do in the next hour or so...

(ps) This playful project was inspired by this post from Dave Winer

(pps) Opening and closing a node refreshes what it expands to based upon what the owner of the node has done with their outline.

HowTo copy files from a ReadyNAS Duo to an external USB drive Permalink.

A picture named duo_reflect2Small.jpgI have a ReadyNAS DUO that I use for network storage.

It is mainly used for Mac Time Machine backups, but also as a central storage for video production.

The bulk for the files stored there, when it comes to size, are never touched again. They are masters of 'appisodes' of the Big App Show. They are huge. 1-2 GB per file.

I love the ReadyNAS DUO, because of it's ease of use and compatibility with all flavours of systems, as well as it's multi drive redundancy. If one drive craps out, another takes over.

But of course there are limits to all storage solutions, and the hundreds of master video files are now taking up 80% of the avilable space. (The ReadyNAS emailed me this in a report)

Since the master video files are never used, I wanted to move them off onto their own USB drive for storage, in the unlikely event I will ever need them again. $89 for a Westerdn Digital 2TB drive is a very decent value for any time I might have to spend re-exporting or worse, re-creating an appisode should the need call for it. I value my time.

Unfortunately, upon connecting the drive, out of the box, to the ReadyNAS DUO's USB port it only showed 196MB of free space.

I reformatted the drive with the Mac Disk Utility to no avail, the NAS still only showed just shy of 200MB free space on an empty drive.

Off to google land, which is getting worse by the day it seems, which is the entire reason I'm writing this post. I hope that one day someone else running into this problem will google the title of this post, as I did, and come across this information. It's how this interweb stuff is supposed to work after all.

I did run across this good samaritan, 5 pages of search results deep and recognized my exact problem, albeit with a Windows solution.

Of course I have the Asus netbook, but since it's running Windows 'Starter Edition' I don't have enough permissions to re-format the drive as needed. Thanks Redmond!

My fix was to start a format on the mac with disk utility and interrupt the process by cancelling out and disconnecting the drive.

Upon reconnecting the drive isn't recognized and disk utilities opens automatically telling me I need to do a full reformat. I simply selected the FAT32 optioin and hit erase. AFter a few minutes the drive was ready to be re-connected to the NAS and presto! The admin program shows it as having 1.8TB of free space.

Next I ssh'd into the NAS, as you really don't want to be copying 100's of GB over the network. Not only will it take literally days, but it will probably caise a stack overflow of the cheap ass Time Warner Cable router/modem.

In order to do this, you will have to install the EnableRootSSH extension. It sounds scarier than it is. From a Termoinal window you type: ssh root@ip.address.of.the.nas

Type your password when prompted and you're in.

From here you will need a bit of basic knowledge of command line navigation and file manipulation.

On my system I did the following:

cd /media/Videos/Finals

mv *.mov /USB/USB_HD_1

It'll still take quite a while to move all the files, predicated by the speed of the USB, but it's all happening in the bacjground, isn't taking up any network or computer resources and I will feel great having all that space back and the archive safely stored for any future needs.

Hope this helps if you were googling for the answer!

NA-289-2011-03-24 - Killin' & Chillin' Permalink.

A picture named na289art.jpg

NA-289-2011-03-24 Credits

NA-289-2011-03-24 Shownotes

Direct Link to the MP3

WWE Champion "The Miz" on the Big App Show Permalink.

A picture named theMiz.jpgFormer MTV "Real World" star turned reining WWE Champion stopped by the Big App Show studio this morning.

We talked about the upcoming Wrestlemania 27 (!) pay per view event, but also about his career, questions that came in over twitter and even what books he's been reading.

This marks a corner turn for the App Show Network, as The Miz actually came to promote an awesome WWE DVD titled: "WWE, The true story of Wrestlemania"

So now besides Apps, we also feature DVD's along with books.

Too see Mike "The Miz" talk about how he will kick rival John Cena's butt on April 3d, get the Big App Show app and tap on the DVD tab.

Get the BAS app for Android here

A picture named BigAppsRounded.jpgGet the BAS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad here

(note, iOS users that already have the app installed may have to restart it twice to get the new DVD tab)

Double posts Permalink.

I must figure out why something is posting multiple entries to my scripting2 blog. Very strange.

My "Hello World" post from my new laptop Permalink.

Did it work?

It did! Yah!! 3/21/11; 1:11:13 PM by AC

NA-288-2011-03-20 Permalink.

A picture named na288art.jpg

NA-288-2011-20-13 Credits

NA-288-2011-03-20 Shownotes

NA-288-2011-03-20 Permalink.

Direct Link to the Show

A picture named na288art.jpg

NA-288-2011-20-13 Credits

NA-288-2011-03-20 Shownotes

NA-288-2011-03-20 Permalink.

A picture named na288art.jpg

NA-288-2011-20-13 Credits

NA-288-2011-03-20 Shownotes

Deprecating Twitter Permalink.

A picture named jmo1505l.jpgI'm done with "The Cloud", and as of today, I am deprecating twitter

It started with the fiasco, which led me to create my own URL shortener that I control.

As a developer on the iOS and Android platforms, I can only imagine the heartbreak developers are suffering from the recent change in Twitter's change in their Terms of Service (TOS) that is essentially telling the very developers that helped the company build it's critical mass to go pound sand.

The writing is on the wall, corporate interests must prevail. This will undoubtedly result in censoring of tweets, deletion of accounts, lawsuits over who has the right to "own" a twitter name. Really? Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and the DVD.

Twitter is news. That's how I view it and have used it, but as of today, it will only be one of my news sources. Just another way to contact me, and it will be on equal footing with Google Alerts, and any other news source I choose to follow through an RSS feed.

Am I leaving twitter? Not entirely, I simply won't play in their sandbox.

I've set up a personal River of News that I use to follow feeds from people and sources I care about. Turns out it isn't that many, and I have an excellent system to manage that. Following and unFollowing is as simple as pasting or deleting a single line.

Here's how twitter fits into my river;

I follow an rss feed of a search query for anything that shows up on twitter with the term @adamcurry.

There are a couple people I follow directly. For them I use a handy bookmarklet that surfaces the rss feed of that person.

To send messages into the twitter silo, I publish an rss feed that is picked up by, whi in turn publish it to twitter under my account. I also have an archive of my messages in html and a machine readable version

You can follow me on twitter, or just add the rss feed to any magnitude of rss follwing machines (formerly known as an aggregator or feedreader)

If you want a setup like this for yourself, you can get it for free (as in beer), but you have to do a bit little bit of work. The results will be worth it.

The development of radio2 and the river of news are very exciting to me, a reboot of a technology that is far more prevalent on the net than twitter, and open for anyone to use and play with. None of the aforementioned restrictions apply.

Oh, and all the cool kids are doing it.

RFID in Vaccines Permalink.

A picture named How-to-blockkill-RFID-chips.jpgOne of my (many) theories on the No Agenda podcast is about the intent to inject tracking devices into the population under the cover of vaccinations.

They don't call me the 'Crackpot' for nothing.

This morning I received an email from on of our show's producers, who put together such an astounding list of documentation that not only proves the theory is valid, but may even be being put in play with the recent changes in the 500Mhz radio spectrum.

With his permission, I am reposting his email verbatum here.

ITM John and Adam!

I've been a little behind with my listening recently and had to catch up to make sure you hadn't covered this since then, so apologies for taking a while to get this to you.

In episode 277 you talked about two stories: the BBC talking about RFID tag tests in Euros (coming soon to a dollar bill near you) and the roll out of the 500 mhz wireless network. I got the punchline, but when I waited for you guys to talk about it, it never happened. So here's the multi-layer payoff in case it's slipped by:

Firstly, the quote from the BBC article that said "We're even seeing if we can make tags thin enough to go into banknotes" is bullshit. Hitachi announced in Feb 2007 that they've developed an RFID chip just 5 microns thick that's small enough to be embedded in paper. RFID tags have apparently been in 20 Euro notes since Feb 2007 (the European Central Bank statement has since been removed from their site of course), and it was noted back in 2003 that it's Hitachi working with the ECB to put RFID into Euro notes.

Secondly, both the US and UK governments are looking to free up the 500mhz spectrum for use as a national wireless network. They're both angling to have this in place by 2020, but the question is: why the 500mhz range specifically? Well that would be because 500mhz is the minimum spectrum needed to read RFID tags with a wireless network! (badum-tish)

I work for the NHS, and this exact technology (albeit a more bulky version) was one we were asked to look into in 2007 for tracking patients and IT assets within our wireless network. We ultimately decided not to bring it in due to the cost, but the technology is mature and works.

Want to go one better?

Hitachi announced as far back as 2005 that they have developed an RFID chip that, unlike normal RFID chips, can: "operate in solution, it can be used to detect and transmit SNP data from within a sealed container holding a DNA sample solution, using passive RF communication, to an external reader/writer unit located outside the solution. Further, anticollision control was developed to enable data collection from multiple chips in the same solution at the same time.

This technology is expected to provide a simple and convenient SNP typing method for healthcare tailored to individual genetic predispositions (tailor-made medicine) in local clinics and hospitals. This work was performed as a part of a research and development project of the Industrial Science and Technology Program supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization in Japan (NEDO)."

Still wondering why they're so eager for us to get our shots?

Welcome to mass-movement tracking in realtime of currency and people! Want to know who that is on the CCTV demonstrating in front of a government building? Just triangulate using the nearest three wireless access points (government provided for your pleasure) and read off the IPv6 addresses of the RFIDs in the vaccinated slaves - what could be easier!?

It's also worth noting that RFID isn't read only. The tags can be marked remotely, for instance to call authorities, or to refuse acceptance. Screw with the government and have all of your cash turned off and every wireless access point calling the cops as it scans you? Sounds fun!

Gotta love this free new world... now to go get my RFID shots and pick up my RFID money ;)

Paul the InfoSec guy.

Doh! Permalink.

Of course I'm not seeing the result immediately. It's on a 10 minute cycle as defined in the prefs table. Just got a bit confused becuase of the xmlrpc call. In the past I would have expected a post to go out to another server, make the xmlrpc call and the results to be immediate.

This is MUCH more powerful, since it is based on rss feeds, I can flow anything I want to a wordpress blog. Snazzy!!

rssToBlog-2 Permalink.

Well, I see allthe posts from my feed flowing through to the wordpress blog, but not the test post I just created. Lets try another one to see if that works.

rssToBlog Permalink.

A new feature of the OPML editor. Anything I write on my blog will flow through to a wordpress site. Trying this now with the deafult template. Did it work?

3/18/11; 11:01:56 AM by AC It certainly flowed a lot of articles to the blog at :-) Looks like it put my entire feed in. That seems like a good thing. Let's see if this update makes it thorough.

Death or Worse Permalink.

#287 No Agenda Show for Thursday March 17th 2011
Death or Worse

Direct Download Here

Maverick of Media Permalink.

A picture named Adam.jpg

test Permalink.


RSS, Time and Radio2 Permalink.

A picture named Prison-Clock--29746.jpgMy time is valuable, to me.

If, and that's a big if, I would contract myself as a consultant, my going rate would be somewhere between $500-$1000 per hour.

I was reading a book recently that delved into the concept of time. It really is just a concept after all.

The author wrote that we used to be a people that kept time, then we started saving time and these days we are serving time, like slaves.

This hit me deeply, and I started by not setting an alarm clock (if I can get away with it) nor do I wear a wristwatch anymore.

I don't want to be a slave to time, and whatever time I have left on this earth I intend to spend wisely.

So when technology comes along that can save me an hour a day doing a fairly repetitive mundane task, I rejoice in the possibilities of what I will do with this valuable asset.

I've been working with Dave Winer's EC2 Poets group for several weeks on the 'minimal blogging tool', that is much more than it sounds like. It runs on the OPML Editor app and platform. One of it's benefits is that as of it's current release, it's saving me an hour a day of creating, editing and managing rss feeds.

To me, that is obviously a very valuable tool, and I have the feeling that this is just the start of what will come out of it.

I want to explain how it is saving me so much time, because I believe that others can benefit from it in ways yet unimagined. I hope this piece will inspire you.

A picture named BigApps512Rounded.jpgIn January 2010 I came up with an idea for an iPhone app. It would be an app that carried a 'show' about apps. It helps you see what an app can do before you go looking for it in the appstore, and because I'm producing the video in a new and specific way, it looks as if the app is actually running on your phone.

I felt this would be a huge advantage over screenshots, text descriptions and (gamed) user ratings.

As a bonus challenge for myself, I decided I would learn how to develop this app myself. You know, prgramming stuff.

I've written extensively about my learning experience and curve, but the big aha moment came when I found Brent Simmon's new company TapLynx, who were selling a 'framework' that basically runs off rss feeds.

I certainly understand how rss feeds work, having been a part of the ideation of the enclosure element, which subsequently enabled podcasting.

I set out to use RSS as the driver for my mini network of shows, first on the iPhone, then on Android (with amazing development work from Chris Skalenda) and recently I've expanded into books.

If you boil it down, I'm doing 3 podcasts. 2 a day for apps, 3 per week for books. All in video.

The apps, are just glorified 'podcatchers' that understand the data I'm sticking in the feeds and create an audience experience. Once the app is on your phone, I can update it with new content every day. And I do.

Enter the nightmare I encountered as I looked for a tool that woud help me create and manage these feeds. All I wanted was a 'console' that would be my master control panel. This piece might not have existed had I not re-connected with Dave and his work on radio2.

There simply wasn't a decent tool to be found that was flexible enough to give me a 1-2-3 process of creating the feeds, uploading the files and publishing the result.

Although I'm very appreciative of the FeedsForAll tool I used for more than a year now, the process was still very labourious and not browser based. I certainly didn't feel comfortable enough to let an intern manage the process, which, in all honesty really should be possible, since this stuff has been around long enough. But it wasn't.

If you've ever created and mantained a podcast, then you know what it takes to upload files, copy the links to the files etc.

In my case, I'm using rss to a very full extent; I use the title, description, enclosure, but also the link element is important, since this is tied to the 'Get This App' button that takes you from my app right to the featured app in the app store, Android Market or Amazon page if it's a book review. Add to that a nifty thumbnail that shows you what your about to watch and anyone who's been down this path knows the amount of work I was doing.

And this is exactly what radio2 does for me now.

It gets even better. Once my 'appisode' is ready and I have a thumbnail image, I simply go to the featured app's page in iTunes, or Appbrain (Amazon books if its a book review), I highlight some text for the description and click on a bookmarklet in my browser bar.

The radio2 interface appears and I click a button to select the thubmnail image file, I click a button to select my video file and hit post.

That's it.

I sit back after this 2 minute process and just wait for eveything to upload and presto. The show is live on a couple hundred thousand phones worldwide.

Now that's broad podcasting

That's just the start of what is happening in OPML Editor land. I'm writing this blog post with it which stores my blog on Amazon's highly robust and inifintely scalable s3 service, I communicate with my radio show producers through the instant outlining system and publish a river of news that is constantly updated 24/7.

Oh, and I also use it to post my tweets to twitter. It's seamless and I not only get to keep an archive of my tweets, I also can see in real-time who's clicking on the links I tweet.

The word awesome comes to mind. I'm sure I'll have more adjectives as time... goes on.

New s3 prefs Permalink.

Testing to see if they work.

I will know because the counts should go up in the stats table

3/16/11; 4:04:38 PM by AC It Worked!

Hello world remote Permalink.

Coming to you from the desktop

My "Hello World" post Permalink.

yo ho and a bottle of rum

Japan's 3/11 Permalink.

A picture named beAfraid.jpgThe devistation of Japan's Sendai Earthquake and subsequent tsunami has created an event equal to that of 9/11.

The loss of life and property is horrific, but what is now taking place before our very eyes is truly disgusting.

Just like 9/11, we are being terrorized. The difference is the enemy isn't some bearded man with an Ak47 and boxcutter in his cave. Instead it's nuclear energy.

Like like 9/11, Japan's 3/11 terrorization of all citizens of the world goes to the benefit of the oil cabal, the military academic industrial complex and investment bankers

Where al-Qaeda terrorist activities quickly led to the invasion of Iraq under additional false pretense of WMD's in order to divide the countries resources among the big oil companies, the Japanese crime scene of the oil elite is far more sinister.

And once again the mainstream media is playing along perfectly to the commands of their corporate owners.

News programs and cable channels have been terrorizing the world's population for days non-stop, with memes meant to invoke visions of a nuclear holocaust akin to the China Syndrome.

The term and subsequent movie China Syndrome stems from the 1970's. Technology has improved a lot since then. Just think of your Remmington typewriter versus your iPad2 today.

Of course corporate mainstream media doesn't want to bring in any experts that will tell you the truth about modern reactors and their physical inability to create a meltdown that would burn through the earth's crust right through the core to the other side of the planet.

That is not how you get ratings and keep your audience tuned in through the commercial break.

I know nothing about nuclear energy production. But I do know that whenever there is an aviation related accident or tragedy, which I *do* consider my self to be somewhat expert in, the information espoused by the 'news' media is highly inaccurate, and almost always intended to scare the viewers into watching more. Depending on the agenda du jour, reporting may also point you towards alternative modes of transportation, like high speed rail.

Bottom line, if you don't have terrible tragic frightening news to report, then you're not the expert that will be on TV.

Luckily the web gives us access to many more sources of information. Just like wikileaks, the truth can be found.

I have been following Rod Adams for many years and have spoken to him personally to educate myself on the advantages of nuclear energy, in particular regarding safety.

Rod has worked for the US armed forces most of his career, in power plants and submarines. He calls himself an atomic activist, I call him a qualified expert.

As soon as the Japanese tragedy started to unfold, I turned to Rod's writing.

Rod's analysis of the mainstream reporting and terrorizing shows the many nuances we are not being informed of.

-For example; there are substantial and medically important differences among the terms dose, dose rate, and contamination.

-Melted fuel only generates enough heat to melt itself; it does not generating sufficient heat to melt through the thick steel pressure vessel where it resides.

-Avoiding the China Syndrome is not a matter of luck - the scenario is imaginary and only works in fiction. Physics and material science make it impossible.

The "Nuclear Terror Threat" is being used as cover by the oil industry to turn back the clock on proliferation of nuclear power. Several countries are now reconsidering future nuclear plans, some are even shutting down current plants.

Gasoline fuel prices are rising despite actual crude prices declining.

The Japanese stock market and economy are being decimated.

Who do you think that benefits?

Is the timing of Warren Buffet's 9 billion dollar purchase of Lubrizol just coincidence? According to their own documentation, their revenues of fuel additives soar in paralel with the price of oil. Their primary expansiion markets for the next 5 years? Asia and the middle east.

News coverage of the upcoming Libyan invasion by US led forces has all but stopped, enabling backroom deals in Europe, the Middle East and even the senate to work on the Oil Cabal's behalf.

Just watch Libya get divided up into neat parcels of oil fields for the big oil companies.

With Japan being the world's third largest oil consuming nation, it's being made clear they start listening to the true rulers of the world. They definitely will not be allowed to use the Iranian loophole once the IMF and Worldbank really get their claws dug in deep.

The whole thing is a fractal, right down to government funded purchases of stockpiled pharmaceuticals to protect citizens from evil airborn death.

Just like last time, we won't die. Not from anthrax, nor from radiation drifting across the ocean.

But the next oil spill might do some damage.

Rebooting Podcasts Permalink.

A picture named ctrl-alt-del-pillows_2.jpgI was a guest on Dave Winer's 'Rebooting the News' podcast this morning. Although we have been collaborting for several weeks on the EC2 for Poets project, it's been 6 years since we actually spoke, as in voice communication.

It was really nice to speak again.

Reflecting on our conversation, there are many topics I look forward to discussing with him further. Dave made a comment that there was still work to be done on Podcasts, call it unfinished business. I think he is right about this.

It is still too hard to create and distribute, but also the 'receiving side' has a lot let to be desired.

Some of the answers are be around, perhaps even closer than we realize.

A dropbox-like system may be just what is needed. Probably dropbox itself.

I follow (formerly known as subscribe) to podcasts in my personal River of News aggregator, it runs 24/7 on a server and downloads podcasts to a dropbox folder. This folder is accesible to me anywhere, and computer or device that can share a dropbox folder. There are outstanding apps for my iPhone and Android devices. These apps know how to play the files, and store a copy locally on the device when accessed.

This is just a jumping off point for more thinking. To be continued...

It Worked! Permalink.

Yesterday I had several epiphanies.

As announced, I sat down to do some actual programming development work in the OPML Editor.

Snatch the pebbles from my hand Permalink.

A picture named sig2.jpgI'm pretty sure I was issued a challenge today.

It doesn't really matter if it was a challenge or not, I perceived it that way and I'm motivated.

Two new callbacks were added to the radio2Suite today, and they are exactly what is needed to transform the Radio2 tool into a useful system for the other half of my life; The Big App Show.

My need is to have a simple system that creates a mediaRSS feed that I can feed into my iPhone and Android apps. I've pretty much doing these by hand for the past 10 months, with a tool that makes it somewhat easier, but certainly nothing I could actually hand over to someone else with trust they won't fuck up the publishing process.

I love Radio2, it's prefect for content creation, publishing and archiving, and all it needs to fo to eliminate a full 45 minutes of work per day for me is output a feed that includes the thumbnail:namespace in the feed and in each item.

I *know* this can be done with these callbacks, I just have to figure out how.

I'm going to keep a running log of my progress here.

I'm in programming mode now I guess :-)

TickerTape 2.0 Permalink.

A picture named tickerTape2Point0.jpgI definitely will be writing about this over the course of the next few days. Something very cool happening with the whole feedhose concept in the No Agenda News Network Community.

TickerTape 2.0 Hell Yeah!

Brand New Day! Permalink.

A picture named sunnyFace.jpgA brand new day and a brand new server for my blog!

The recent changes to the scripting2 tool now enable seamless writing of all the static files to Amazon's S3 service, which I've set up as

I'm going to 'burn' it in for a while to see how it all works before officially migrating from my wordpress blog at (just a DNS change and some forwarding tricks).

Just saw that there's a tool coming that will replicate from my OPML Editor EC Server setup to wordpress, that will make the transition even better.

So far I am now using the OPML Editor to flow out the following feeds:

-Twitter (via

-My stories for the

-A podcast of audiofiles used on the No Agenda Show each week (with a static version)

Planned feeds:

-Shownotes for each No Agenda Show episode

-Wordpress blog mirror

-Big App Show feeds for iPhone and Android (when we get namespace capabilities in the OPML Editor (Currently coding by hand, ugh)

Today it's going to be 80 degrees in the people's republic of Southern California and I'm going to enjoy some of the sunshine until it goes down!

More utilities Permalink.

Tested a few more utilities, some that might fix the calendar issues I created

3/8/11; 5:32:59 PM by AC Looks like that helped!

3/8/11; 5:39:17 PM by AC Just initiated scripting2Suite.server.buildEverything. It's taking a bit of time to run, so I'm hoping this is the command utility I was looking for!

3/8/11; 5:40:38 PM by AC Nope. Very irritating that the permalinks still point to the old server :(

3/8/11; 5:45:40 PM by AC Set ftp to true

3/8/11; 5:58:58 PM by AC OK, really getting there now, but still not sure why the script is timing out on a tcp connection, which is hampering all pages from being built, I'm going to try running some of the scripts seperately.

3/8/11; 6:01:29 PM by AC Aha! I had instead of Doh! Rebuilding again

3/8/11; 6:09:43 PM by AC Rebuild the homepage and then I'm pretty set.

Hosed Permalink.

Well now I"ve done it. Completely borked the archives

At least moving forward it does appear to work.

3/8/11; 5:27:34 PM by AC test of the rss feed

Still linked to the old feed :(

S3 Bucket Test2 Permalink.

Maybe I need a new post.

got a not so nice error

Ran the utility again


S3 Bucket Test Permalink.

Testing something new that showed up, not documented yet, but I think I know how it works.

Did it work?

3/8/11; 4:39:48 PM by AC Hee hee! It did!! Yah!!!

Looks like the URL's aren't yet correct. I wonder if something still needs to be depricated.

3/8/11; 4:44:36 PM by AC I recall clearing some lines in 'stats' can fix things. Copied just to make sure If I need to put them back.

3/8/11; 4:46:09 PM by AC That didn't work

3/8/11; 4:47:18 PM by AC Hoepfully all is now restored

3/8/11; 4:48:54 PM by AC Changed the value in domains by adding a domain

3/8/11; 4:54:00 PM by AC Found that the URL is determined by thee ftp prefs. Lets build again.

3/8/11; 5:03:31 PM by AC Ran initUser for good luck

3/8/11; 5:08:02 PM by AC OK, hardcore then. Changed the localFolder.url to

3/8/11; 5:14:06 PM by ACThere must be a command to run that publishes everything again. Looking now

3/8/11; 5:14:12 PM by AC FOund a utility called convertAddresses. That may work.

3/8/11; 5:15:12 PM by AC Turns out that was a very bad idea.

Obama Blunders Big Permalink.

A picture named stocks.jpgEarlier this morning, I tweeted about the publication of President Obama's Executive Order of March 7th 2011. It is titled:

Periodic Review of Individuals Detained at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station Pusuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force

Besides this Executive Order being a complete turn around on his campaign promise to close Gitmo ("you can take that to the bank!" he said), it also legalizes the "continued law of war detention", which means anyone deemed a 'terrorist' by the United States can be thrown in jail without due process for an undetermined length of time.

Now, re-read the title of the Executive Order.

I was unable to find the word 'pusuant' in any dictionary available to me.

I believe this to be a typo. Instead it should have read 'pursuant'.

If the Whitehouse can't be bothered to run an Executive Order through a spell checker, how can we assume they ran it through a constitutional legal review?

In case the EO is corrected in the future, here is a PDF of the page as documented on March 8 2011 at 6:36am PST

Better Wall Street Pranks from Twitter Permalink.

A picture named pranks.jpgI posted a link to a story about crazy things a 'freshman' had witnessed on Wall Street. Immediately I started getting replies with nuttier stuff. Reason enough to maintain an archive :

@adamcurry We hid a remote control fart machine in new guy's desk. Sounded it when someone important walked by. Traders have more fun Permalink.

@adamcurry Lame! We gave a new guy a urine sample cup & told him to give the "specimen" to the boss for drug testing on his 1st day. He did! Permalink.

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