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Fully Restored
By Adam Curry on Monday, April 04, 2011 at 6:11 AM.
A picture named firedup.jpgSomewhere a little past the 2/3 mark of last Thursday's No Agenda show I had a meltdown. permalink
For over three years, John C Dvorak and I have conducted our twice weekly public chat, where we compete to out-trump each other with our observations of the crazy world we live in. Usually I completely forget our worldwide audience during the show, for that is our format, and it works. Just two guys shootin' the breeze. permalink
A large part of our formula is making light of the craziness, the inhumane, and deceit. I've always been the type of person who gets funnier as a situation deteriorates. permalink
But thursday, after close analysis of the words of president George W. Obama, Lucifer Clinton et al, their complete disregard for the United States constitution and humanity at large struck me so hard, that I actually crumbled emotionally. permalink
I became acutely aware of the audience, my own vulnerability and the vastness of evil that rules. permalink
30 years of experience maintained my on-air composure, but for a solid two days my funk prevailed. My partner John even reached out to me in between shows, breaking our only rule of no contact except showtime. permalink
I've always held on to the constitution as the last liferaft for my country. Seeing it purposely capsized for greed and elitist shenanigans really, really hurt. permalink
I stopped reading the news, ignored email, and sulked. I'm greatful Ms Micky understood and put up with me. She truly is a beautiful person, inside and out. permalink
As I dragged myself back to the information flow of my MacBook, I was whisked back onto my feet and thrust into the sunshine of the wonderful messages of hope and inspiration I received from all around Gitmo Nation. The notes of encouragement, the virtual hugs and most importantly, young people who have been insipred by our rag tag show to actually do something about changing the world have charged up this Human Resource to its maximum battery levels and beyond. permalink
I am reminded none of us stand alone. I am not unique in my beliefs or values. People care, and are willing to fight for that what is right. permalink
You truly energize me. permalink
I also admit that the Country Music Awards inspire me again every year. permalink
Call me a Yankee if you must. I'm proud of it. permalink
Now, lets go out and hit 'em in the mouth! permalink
Talk to you all on Thursday, In The Morning! permalink

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