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My name is Adam Curry and this section will contain info about me in the future, as soon as I get a few other things done.

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NA-300-ShowNotes Permalink.

Priorities USA, Outside Fundraising Group, Launched By Democrats

[VIDEO] Seth Rogen: Alzheimer's is 'brutal' -

How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis - By Frederick Kaufman | Foreign Policy

3:41PM: GPS bracelet ups the ante for person surveillance. (Adam Curry's Twitter Feed)

3:48PM: CNN Hires Erin Burnett and Plans New Show. (Adam Curry's Gitmo Nation News Feed)

[VIDEO] Paul O'Neill: People Who Refuse To Raise The Debt Ceiling Are "Our Version Of Al-Qaeda Terrorists" | zero hedge

New checklist could detect autism by age 1 -

WGBH: Dead Air - Boston Magazine

[VIDEO] - Angry radio caller complaining about the royal wedding.

Brazil latest base for Islamic extremists - Telegraph

Executive Order --Blocking Property of Certain Persons with Respect to Human Rights Abuses in Syria | The White House

Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats - C-SPAN Video Library

National Security Team Personnel Changes - C-SPAN Video Library

2:05PM: Casio Watches to promote conversations with the TSA (Mel Cooley's news feed)

1:46PM: Is Congo's mineral trade really the key to the country's conflict? (w.tromp news feed)

1:42PM: Apple, Intel Vow to Stop Using Conflict Minerals From Africa. (w.tromp news feed)

1:38PM: Congo, With Donors' Help, Introduces New Vaccine for Pneumococcal Disease. (w.tromp news feed)

1:34PM: A Twofer for the Treasury: An Iranian Trafficker of Afghan Drugs. (Southern Bread News Feed)

1:28PM: Why the Planes Were Not Intercepted on 9/11. (Southern Bread News Feed)

1:24PM: Ex-UN boss dies under mysterious circumstance (w.tromp news feed)

1:16PM: EU liquid ban to stay after last-minute chaos. (Newsmix)

1:08PM: Prime Minister issues ultimatum to Prince Laurent. (w.tromp news feed)

12:58PM: Is Glencore a float too far? (w.tromp news feed)

2:10PM: Denmark: Electronic travel card project plagued by problems. (w.tromp news feed)

[VIDEO] - Believing In Conspiracy Theories Is A Form Of Psychosis

ASICS America - 33 by ASICS Collection

Monsanto Opens 150 Million Rand South African Seed Plant - Businessweek

GM Alfalfa - Why No Sprouting? | Farm Wars

Sugar Lawsuit Addresses Rebranding Of High-Fructose Corn Syrup « CBS Detroit

» Ron Paul: The CIA Runs Everything Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Home Stop Meth Not Meds To Kill A President: Finally---An Ex-FBI Agent rips aside the veil of secrecy that killed JFK (9781419693823): M. Wesley Swearingen: Books

The central platform for crowdsourcing US Government challenges, contests, competitions and open innovation prizes |

De Standaard Online - EU-Commissie wil vloeistoffenverbod op vliegtuigen verlengen

[VIDEO] Air France crash 'flight recorder' part found -

10:23AM: US Lifts Sanctions On Sudan's Largest Bank. (w.tromp news feed)

10:31AM: China expresses willingness to boost cooperation with southern Sudan, promises further aid. (w.tromp news feed)

10:40AM: Great seed robbery. (pg.chrys news feed)

10:57AM: New hand in line to join Obama Middle East team. (w.tromp news feed)

11:31AM: Tajikistan President calls global terrorism a myth. (bertb news feed)

10:07PM: Superman threatens to renounce US citizenship. (bertb news feed)

10:29PM: Bahrain 'torture service' official to attend royal wedding. (bertb news feed)

1:20AM: Ivory Coast Banks reopen after 10-week shutdown. (bertb news feed)

2:13AM: Pope John Paul's blood to go on display at Vatican. (w.tromp news feed)

2:25AM: Obama Administration punishes reporter for using multimedia (w.tromp news feed)

2:52AM: Where is Ahmadinejad? (Grebulon reports from gitmonation falafel)

3:49AM: TJX chief gets $23m, or 33% more (robertleather news feed)

4:33AM: Angelina Jolie on way to Siem Reap (IsNoGood)

4:38AM: Seth Rogen: Alzheimer's is 'brutal' (My New Feed)

5:00AM: Smartphone Users: 33% Would Give Up Chocolate Before Phones (DaDenMan news feed)

5:13AM: Playtech Poker Revenue Down 33 Percent - European Poker News - (DaDenMan news feed)

5:11AM: World Stock Markets Rally To 33-Month High. (DaDenMan news feed)

5:09AM: 33 militants killed in northwest Pakistan. (DaDenMan news feed)

5:06AM: Dollar Hits 33-Month Low, Gold Sets New Record. (DaDenMan news feed)

5:18AM: The War on Money - Precious Metals - Resource Investor. (DaDenMan news feed)

5:27AM: Belgium closer to banning burqa (My New Feed)

5:29AM: Scientist find a way to wipe out painful memories (My New Feed)

6:57AM: Coca-Cola rejects growing calls for bisphenol A disclosure. (w.tromp news feed)

7:02AM: Pakistan tests nuclear capable cruise missile. (w.tromp news feed)

7:09AM: Bird flu vaccine sales to governments artificially boosted Sanofi-Aventis's numbers. (Southern Bread News Feed)

[VIDEO] Valerie Jarrett: Obama Not Releasing College Records. (audio) (w.tromp news feed)

7:58AM: Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally. Cite interstate commerce violation (w.tromp news feed)

8:00AM: David Arkush: U.S. Supreme Court to Major Corporations: You Write the Rules. (Adam Curry's Gitmo Nation News Feed)

8:06AM: Why Are Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson at the White House? Closed-Door Meetings to Build Support for Immigration Reform (w.tromp news feed)

8:13AM: Students Forced to Answer Intimate, Sexually Suggestive Surveys. (w.tromp news feed)

8:29AM: Facebook early investors want to offload $1billion of shares. (w.tromp news feed)

8:47AM: Europe rebuked for supplying false volcano ash info to air passengers (w.tromp news feed)

8:52AM: Immelt Quits New York Fed Board. (Adam Curry's Gitmo Nation News Feed)

9:05AM: Low-carbon business models key to sustainable growth - UN (w.tromp news feed)

[VIDEO] Hold the Phone! That Sure Sounds Like Saddam Hussein. (My New Feed)

9:18AM: Germany: Memantine as possible Alzheimer's treatment. (w.tromp news feed)

9:21AM: Pill that costs just two pence could stop onset of Alzheimer's. (w.tromp news feed)

9:25AM: UN: Libya will suffer food crisis (bertb news feed)

9:26AM: UN, Congo government try to formalize the mining industry. (w.tromp news feed)

9:38AM: Congo: Chronicle of death ignored. Five million people have died in Congo in a war that no one really understands (w.tromp news feed)

9:48AM: Rwanda bans export of Congo conflict area minerals. (w.tromp news feed)

9:55AM: Doomsday: Earth's core spinning out of control. (bertb news feed)

10:04AM: Ben Affleck's Congo-Billionaire Connections (w.tromp news feed)

10:05AM: Firms Seek Supply Route Around Conflict in Congo (w.tromp news feed)

[VIDEO] Is It Time To Give Up? (Obama, Banks and You) in [Market-Ticker]

Drones Spray, Track the Unwilling in Air Force Plan | Danger Room |

Sovereign Wealth Lines Up Major Stake in Glencore IPO - CNBC

Washington censors Libyan TV plus Arab TVs covering violent clampdown in Bahrain [Voltaire Network]

News from The Associated Press

Libya's Tropical Bank, Seized by Uganda, Says Annual Profit Almost Doubles - Bloomberg

Tornado Warning Over New Jersey as Violent Weather Continues - Metropolis - WSJ

Sean Penn seen at State Dept. pre-Nerd Prom - Yahoo! News

Obama Administration punishes reporter for using multimedia : Bronstein at Large

Signal to Noise on Twitter Permalink.

During a recent technology test involving twitter and rss, I gained insight into twitter's real value to my information universe.

For several months I have been working on Dave Winer's Blork system, which I describe as a Micro Blogging Tool and News Aggregator combined into one fluid experience. [screenshot of my Blork].

A picture named RSSGreenOnWhite.jpgThis combination has a very twitter-esque feel to it. I am 'following' feeds from other people and sources, which I can RT. In turn I can post messages and with a simple bookmarklet ala tumbler, can easily post links to my feed and followers of my feed with 2 mouse clicks.

Following a new feed is equally as simple, any webpage that has an rss feed only needs one click of the bookrmarklet to add to Blork's built in aggregator.

I have about 50 people on my system now, all our feeds are published publicly at

Under the hood of the Blork system, there's a lot of incredible functionality that I won't detail here, except for one of it's features, which is a bridge to twitter. I can designate any of my Blork feeds to post directly to my twitter account. On the receiving side, I've been subscribed to 4 rss feeds from twitter accounts I follow.

Although not apparent in the twitter interface, there is indeed a feed for each twitter account. I use a query for @adamcurry to follow any 'mentions' of me on twitter. I follow my daughter, my fiancee and the BreakingNews account.

These twitter accounts are valuable to me to have in my Blork, since I check my news sources at least twice an hour, and I know I will not miss any of those updates. They are even nicely grouped if any account updated more than once in a 10 minute timespan.

Although I follow over 800 accounts on twitter, many that I would lke to follow on rss, the task of finding each feed and adding it to my Blork was just too daughnting.

Imagine my delight when developer Andrew Shell joined our group with the first 'outside' app for Blork. A simple way to create an OPML subscriptions list of your twitter account!

His twitOPML app does this for three distinct category of users in twitter: 1) All the people you follow (in my case about 800), 2) All the people that follow you (in my case 25,000) and 3) Any of your twitter lists (I really only have one, which replicates the 4 accounts I mentioned earlier.

Instinctively I knew that following 25 thousand rss feeds of my followers would not be a good idea. There *are* limits to this stuff. So I gleefully logged in and added the url to the OPML for the accounts I follow to my Blork. In Blork this is as sinple as pasting the url into a box, the system does the rest of the work for the individual feeds contained in the OPML data.

After about 20 minutes the first aggregated tweets started to flow through my river of news in Blork. At first I was enamoured by seeing tweets mixed in with articles from other blogs and news sources I follow, but as the day progressed I became aware of a number of important observations:

-Most of the stuff I'm following on twitter is uninteresting to me.

-Twitter is more like IRC than Micro Blogging

-I get links to information that interest me from rss feeds sooner than they come through on twitter

Clarifying the my first two points, I like twitter as a real-time scrolling view of the world. The way I have been experiencing twitter for almost a year now is through a real-time command line client, TTYter [screenshot] that is always open on my desktop. Out of the corner of my eye I see 'stuff' when I want to (subliminally too I'm sure) and it sits right below my favourite IRC chatroom, where I hang out with my buddies. That is the stuff on going conversations are made of, the stuff IRC is really, really good at, and twitter more like a public IRC channel with too many 'nicks'

Signal to Noise Ratio is very low. Lotsa noise, little value. Mostly static whitenoise, but once in a while something I want to look at or respond to. Low on my value chain.

As for my last point, about receiving links from rss feeds sooner than on twitter, this is nothing short of logical, as in most cases, the information I'm interested in already has an rss feed I'm following and it will hit my Blork before it's propagated. Even the New York Times publishes their rss feed before they post to twitter.

So I was wrong in thinking that a decentralized system built around rss feeds would replicate what twitter actually is.

It does integrate nicely with the 5% of accounts I want to follow in Blork, as I can set up a twitter list with the handul of accounts that are truly valuable to me and I don't want to miss, and have those flow through Andrew's app straight into my system. Adding or removing from the twitter list is automatically reflected in Blork. That's really sweet integration!

I expect more 'walled' information sources will flow nicely into Blork in the future. Initially through a similar bridge, but eventually it will seep out through rss. Information has a funny way of finding the shortest and most reliable route to it's destination.

Blork now stands firmly at the center of my information universe. I receive the world in it on my terms, and broadcast out equally, all without the possibility of a company middleman throwing a failwhale at me, for rss is owned by no one.

If you are interested in setting up and running your own Blork system, it's easy enough that even a Poet can do it. Start here.

An Interview with Michael David Lukas, author of The Oracle of Stambul Permalink.

A picture named michaelDaviDlukasLabel.jpgToday we talk via skype with Michael David Lukas, not only about his book The Oracle of Stambul, but also about his unique perspective on the recent "Arab Spring" in Tunisia and Egypt, both places where he lived for several years, as well as Turkey.

Buy a copy of Michael's book in multiple formats from Amazon

This video has been rotated and formatted to fit a non smart-phone screen, it is best viewed in the free Big App Show app.

To view more interviews, app and book reviews, get the Big App Show app for free on Android and iPhone

NA-298-2011-04-14 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Sunday April 24th 2011

Hot Mature Plumpers

A picture named na298art.jpg

Direct link to the show

Shownotes at

NA-297-2011-04-21 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Thursday April 21st 2011

Obama's Clutch Car

A picture named na297art.jpg

Direct link to the show

Shownotes at

Rebooting a Relationship Permalink.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Dave Winer and I are working together.

Not that we were keeping it a secret. And now that Dave has come out and said it, I feel like we've set our facbook status to 'in a relationship with...'

Except we haven't of course, we both don't do the facebook, in fact, a lot of what we're working on deprecates the corporate status silos.

Dave is the second of three such partnerships I've had in my career and life. The first was Jeroen van Inkel, the most recent is my No Agenda podcast partnership with John C. Dvorak.

A picture named Yin_Yang_art2.jpgJeroen and I were very young and super successful on dutch radio in the early 80's. Many say we in fact changed the radio landscape in the Netherlands, remnants of which can still be found in today's programming there. Not many people know that we weren't friends. We never hung out together and perhaps even never really liked each other at all. I believe it was exactly this balance that made us so great back then. There was a natural tension that had us living on the edge together. We were young and full of adolescent energy, so the constant tension was easy to handle. I'm pretty sure we could not do that again now that we are both are approaching 50.

John C Dvorak and I had it figured out from day one. We have a golden rule. We don't talk to each other unless it's on the show. We rarely even email. We do no preparation together. In fact, it is the obvious one-upsmanship on the show that makes it work. We are both trying to outdo each other with some godaweful news we've uncovered and dissected that is completely ignored by the mainstream news media. We have enormous respect for each other and have a perfect sexless marriage and we love it that way. So does the audience apparently, as we are now in our 4th year of the show and we are both even more enthousiastic each time we kick of a new episode.

Dave and I have a mix of relationships one and two, and I feel extremely fortunate and am grateful that we can give it another go. Our collaboration has undeniably resulted in big things in the past and once again I feel something special is happening.

In the past few months we've figured out how to work with each other again. I've grown, as has Dave, and we know where the pitfalls of the past are, and are careful to route around them.

This time around, it's all about the work. That is the vision we share. We don't have to agree (its good we don't always), and most of the time we leave our personal lives out of the conversation. I have goals for the work to achieve, as does Dave, they intersect in many important places.

I am proud to a part of a growing team who are working on these great projects. I'm reconnecting with more people from the past as well as meeting many talented new ones.

I have learned a lot since 2005 and am a better person for the breakup we had then (wow, that sounds like a lyric from a country song!). Some of the old irritations are still there, but they are now a part of our relationship instead of a hinderance. In fact, Dave writes that he doesn't like my twitter icon. This is great, and I won't change it, because some of the work we're doing will obfuscate the need for him to ever look at my twitter icon again :-)

An Interview with Nina Revoyr, author of "Wingshooters" Permalink.

A picture named wingshooters.jpgNina Revoyr stopped by the studio today to talk about her latest book "Wingshooters". With her latest offering, Nina continues her unique and affecting exploration of American racism in a concentrated novel that draws breathtaking contrasts between all that is beautiful in life and the malignancy of hate.

Buy a copy of Nina's book Wingshooters in multiple formats from Amazon.

This video has been rotated and formatted to fit a non smart-phone screen, it is best viewed in the free Big App Show app.

To view more interviews, app and book reviews, get the Big App Show app for free on Android and iPhone

e-Fluentials¨ - Who's influencing you? Permalink.

A picture named e_fluentials_logo.jpgToday on the No Agenda show, a topic arose about PR companies paying people to tweet/blog/facebook and basically promote products, companies and services to friends, followers and family for money. Presumably this 'grass roots' activity is not disclosed.

Burson-Marsteller, a huge public relations firm, part of the WPP empire, boasts this 'discipline' boldly on their website. With some hubris they've trademarked this as their e-Fluentials¨ practice.

They are proud of their Mom-fluentials, Tech-fluentials and Youth-fluentials.

Who are you following that might be on the B-M payroll?

NA-296-2011-04-17 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Sunday April 17th 2011

Highway to Hubris

A picture named na296art.jpg

Direct link to the show

Philips Fills the Flip Void Permalink.

A picture named philipsFlip.jpg

Are these available in the USA?

ACC & JCD Permalink.

A picture named 5619577744_3183c70bc0.jpg

Don't Look Over Here! Permalink.

A picture named Boots.jpgWhile the mainstream media is preoccupied with the bogus budget discussions (the 4 wars we are in is the elephant in the room) and the reality show known as 'Will They Raise The Debt Ceiling', the President quietly released a memorandum that allows Army and Air Force personel to be deployed to the streets of America disguised as National Guardsmen.

Under section 315 of title 32, United States Code, this was already permissible by Presidential order, but that authority is now delegated to the Secretary of Defence, who's position is about to be filled by a yet to be named sucessor to Robert Gates.

Why this change?

Deploying the United States Army against the citizens of the United States is not permissble under the Posse Comitatus Act, but the National Guard is.

Is the administration expecting revolt? An uprising?

Whatever is expected to come, you won't Flip it.

The Flip's Death was Political Permalink.

A picture named flipShootYou.jpgAfter reading this story about the tragic death of the flip, it suddenly hit me. The Flip wasn't killed because it wasn't profitbale, or popular, or even fit in with its owner's future plans.

The Flip was killed because it didn't have networking like smartphones.

CISCO is well known to service Billions of dollars in government contracts, they are the company that is building "The Human Network', one that will track every aspect of everyday life, from taking your meds to how many miles you drove last month. CISCO is networking all human activity.

Looking at the uprising of the 'Arab Spring', which is 'documented' with smartphones that are trackable, the last thing your government wants is non-trackable video devices.

Just like Raytheon, Haliburton or any other large supplier to the Military Industrial Complex, they are the government and must act accordingly. We can't allow dangerous devices like the flip video camera be used anonymously.

In fact, I'll go so far as to say the Flip was too sucessful. Your government is taking away your favourite toy because they actually want you to be posting geo-encoded media from devices that not only can be, but are being tracked in real time with one-stop shopping help from your friendly cellphone service provider.

Am I a conspiracy theorist for thinking of this? Yes. But lets wait to see if I'm wrong.

(post script) This theory may in fact, explain why CISCO bought FLip in the first place; To Kill It.

An Interview with Author Luanne Rice Permalink.

A picture named luanneRice.jpgLuanne Rice is a bestselling American author of more than twenty-five novels. She often writes about nature and the sea, and many of her novels deal with love and family. Several of her novels have been adapted for television, including Crazy in Love for TNT, Blue Moon for CBS, Follow the Stars Home and Silver Bells for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and Beach Girls for a Summer 2005 mini-series on Lifetime.

Today I interviewed Luanne for the Big App Show about her latest work "the Silver Boat". below is a web version, modified to fit on a regular video screen.

You can buy her books in multiple formats directly from Amazon.

More about Luanne can be found on her website, and you can follow her on twitter.

AT the end of the interview, she references the "Tiny Apartment Show" which can be found here

To view more interviews, app and book reviews, get the Big App Show app for free on Android and iPhone

Is the Libyan War Constitutional? Permalink.

A picture named lawyers-suck-jokes.jpgIf you are a lawyer, yes.

In a memo from Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Krass, sent, ironically, on April 1 2011, she concludes that;

The President had the constitutional authority to direct the use of military force in Libya because he could reasonably determine that such use of force was in the national interest.

Prior congressional approval was not constitutionally required to use military force in the limited operations under consideration.

The memo contains 13 pages of legal analysis that is challenging to read and references many other documents and legal cases of constituionality. About half way through the justification starts by referencing Article II of the constitution, which states that the President bears the "vast share of responsibility for the conduct of our foreign relations" and "independent authority in the areas of foreign policy and national security"

My recommendation would be to give all the lawyers in Washington DC a uniform and send them to the skies above Libya, or, as we undoubtedly will soon see, boots to tread on Libyan ground.

Obama avoids investigation with Executive Order Permalink.

A picture named church-lady.jpgPresident Obama, recipient of the Transparency Award continues to make the creators of the award proud with his latest Executive Order, which is a collection of amendments to exisiting executive orders.

Of particular note is Section 6, which simply states: "Executive Order 13507 of April 8, 2009 ("Establishment of the White House Office of Health Reform"), is hereby revoked."

Really now.

The White House Office of Health Reform was created specifically to form policy for the health care reform act. In charge of this 'office' was Nancy-Ann DeParle, who drew criticism for her "lucrative" service on corporate boards after her tenure in the Clinton administration. Reported to have been paid more than $6 million, and served as a director of half a dozen companies that faced federal investigations, whistleblower lawsuits and other regulatory actions. Many of these companies had a stake in the health care reform she lead.

In March, House Republicans said they were "concerned and disappointed" by the administration's refusal to provide in-depth documentation about healthcare reform meetings, to which White House counsel Bob Bauer replied: "To provide all possible information encompassed by your request, every meeting, briefing or telephone call, would constitute a vast and expensive undertaking."

By issuing today's Executive Order, the president has simply scrubbed the entire office, and presumably evidence, altogether.

How convenient!

Climate Change & Peak Oil Permalink.

A picture named 250px-Dichotomy.jpgThis topic came up again on Sunday's No Agenda Show.

There appears to be a correlation between people who believe in Peak Oil and man made Climate Change.

This appears to be a dichotomy. As we run out of oil, the less CO2 emissions can be produced from this fossil fuel.

We may not have any way of efficient transportation and energy generation from alternative sources by that time, but the polar bears will live.

If this is true, do we have to worry about man made Climate Change (AGW) at all? Should we be paying carbon credit taxes? Is peak oil true? Is climate change true?

Surely someone can come up with a counter to this?


My Link Stream Permalink.

Added a new feature to the blog late last night. It's a realtime update of my linkblog stream on the right hand margin.

Incredibly easy to set up if you are on the No Agenda News Network, and you can stick it on any blog or webpage anywhere.

Fully Restored Permalink.

A picture named firedup.jpgSomewhere a little past the 2/3 mark of last Thursday's No Agenda show I had a meltdown.

For over three years, John C Dvorak and I have conducted our twice weekly public chat, where we compete to out-trump each other with our observations of the crazy world we live in. Usually I completely forget our worldwide audience during the show, for that is our format, and it works. Just two guys shootin' the breeze.

A large part of our formula is making light of the craziness, the inhumane, and deceit. I've always been the type of person who gets funnier as a situation deteriorates.

But thursday, after close analysis of the words of president George W. Obama, Lucifer Clinton et al, their complete disregard for the United States constitution and humanity at large struck me so hard, that I actually crumbled emotionally.

I became acutely aware of the audience, my own vulnerability and the vastness of evil that rules.

30 years of experience maintained my on-air composure, but for a solid two days my funk prevailed. My partner John even reached out to me in between shows, breaking our only rule of no contact except showtime.

I've always held on to the constitution as the last liferaft for my country. Seeing it purposely capsized for greed and elitist shenanigans really, really hurt.

I stopped reading the news, ignored email, and sulked. I'm greatful Ms Micky understood and put up with me. She truly is a beautiful person, inside and out.

As I dragged myself back to the information flow of my MacBook, I was whisked back onto my feet and thrust into the sunshine of the wonderful messages of hope and inspiration I received from all around Gitmo Nation. The notes of encouragement, the virtual hugs and most importantly, young people who have been insipred by our rag tag show to actually do something about changing the world have charged up this Human Resource to its maximum battery levels and beyond.

I am reminded none of us stand alone. I am not unique in my beliefs or values. People care, and are willing to fight for that what is right.

You truly energize me.

I also admit that the Country Music Awards inspire me again every year.

Call me a Yankee if you must. I'm proud of it.

Now, lets go out and hit 'em in the mouth!

Talk to you all on Thursday, In The Morning!

© Copyright 1997-2012 Adam Curry. Last build: 5/8/2012; 2:47:40 PM. "There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have"

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