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Collaborative Web Work
By Adam Curry on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 7:36 PM.
A picture named opml.gifThe World Outline project never ceases to amaze me with the possibilities it brings to collaborative work with quick and robust results. permalink
On Thursday's No Agenda podcast, JCD and I discussed making a master list of all the domain names that our listeners producers have been forwarding to our main show site at permalink
John threatened to set up a wiki, which I balked at. I like information to be managed, yet neither he nor I have the time to do this work. permalink
Simon Reid popped me an email yesterday, with a meticulously maintained spreadsheet of exactly this information, inlcuding the name of each person who set up a forwarding domain. I pointed him towards the OPML editor, and he sent me a URL to a dropbox stored opml file this morning. I simply made it an inclusion in my World Outline (itself an opml file!) selected the 'map domain..' function and voila! was born. permalink
Whenever Simon makes a change in the opml file that he maintains and owns, the results are relfected immediately on the web. permalink
I Love This Shit. permalink

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