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Hacking Twitter
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, June 01, 2011 at 3:12 AM.
With Weiner-Gate in full swing, the mainstream media is practically orgasmic about the alleged 'hacked' twitter account of Congressman Anthony Weiner. The so-called controversey has all of the presstitutes hornier than ever. They love a good boner story. permalink
As usual, all the wrong questions are being asked. What I want to know, is just how hackable is twitter? permalink
Was this a case of a guessed password, or is there some other way sophisticated computer engineers like Andrew Breitbart use to gain access to an account to send out rogue tweets. Could someone please get a statement from twitter CEO Dick Costolo on the matter? It's only appropriate the inventor of the #dickbar re-assure his product customers that their blessed twitter accounts are safe under his watchful eye. permalink
If the hack is indeed the truth, as the congressman has staunchly stated, then how can we trust our National Treasure, NPR's reliance on the #arabspring tweets and pictures?  permalink
Where's boy wonder Andy Carvin on this topic? permalink
Until this serious matter of hacking accounts has been cleared up, nothing on twitter can be trusted. permalink
A note of disclosure. I was hired by CNN in sometime around 1992 (google didn't exist then, but I'd love to have a copy) to spend an entire day with then Brooklyn Councilman Weiner for a 30 minute special about him. I guess they thought it would be cool to have two young whippersnappers (he is 1 day younger than I am) to play the role of interviewer/interviewee. permalink
I was way out of my depth politically at the time, which allowed me to observe the obvious snow job that was taking place. Anthony shaking hands with seniors, Anthony shooting pool, Anthony at the drug store. All complete bullcrap. As part of the special I was also flown to DC to speak with Congressman Chuck Schumer. Weiner was clearly his protogˇ. permalink
My assessment at the time; both these guys are douchebag career politicians. I'm hopeful that has changed. permalink
Anthony, should you read this. Repent. Your peers don't give a rats ass what pictures you tweet. We do care about liars. It's written on your face my friend. Admit it and move on, or at least ask the presstitutes to go investigate twitter's hackability.  permalink
And Anthony, I'm reliably informed chicks don't really get turned on by pictures of boners in boxers. Nor do they really think you're cool if you turn up your car stereo to max at the traffic light boomboxing 'lil wayne. permalink
You're from my generation dude. Stop fucking around. permalink

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