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By Adam Curry on Sunday, July 03, 2011 at 8:38 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday July 3d 2011 permalink
Reckless & Provocative permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
Reckless & Provocative permalink
Executive Producers: James Briscoe, Dylan Longworth, David Peterson, Mark Martinet,  permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, Saint Nikki, John Grumling, Neil Liston, Samuel Jones permalink
Become a member of the 319 Club, support the show here Link permalink
* is now forwarding to* permalink
I did plan on (and would still like to) set up a CMS to manage all the permalink
show notes but until then the show notes are organized great at permalink
nashownotes and I already have the domain so.......there you go. permalink
Hey Adam, permalink
To help with the world record I forwarded an unused domain to the domain is permalink
Craig Damlo permalink
Hi Adam, permalink is now forwarding to permalink
bloodandtreasure was already taken unfortunately permalink
Keep up the good work! permalink
Pete permalink
Registered "" and pointed it to, but it's just showing an empty squarespace page.  permalink
Love the show, keep up the great work... I'm paying off the last of my debt in a month and will start donating to the show. permalink
╩╩--- JRJ permalink
I see that someone registered "" and pointed it to you guys, but not the reverse "". permalink
Well, it's done now, and simply forwards to╩ permalink
-Jeff permalink
Not sure where I was supposed to notify you guys about a new domain permalink
redirection. permalink
Anyway, now directs to permalink
Thanks for the great show permalink
Mike Caddick permalink
Adam and John, permalink
After attending another meeting with Matt, he pointed out that I am a douchebag because I forgot to add the other website that is pointed to No Agenda, However, if Matt were not a douchebag and not registered the wrong site to begin with, this would not happen. Anyways, both and are pointed to No Agenda, so we all win, especially the human resources everywhere looking for a way out. That's the most important thing.  permalink
Matt and Brian permalink
No Agenda Ohio╩  permalink
I've been working for the past year setting up a Secure Shared Services IT permalink
capability for UK Government, I can't believe these domains haven't been permalink
registered so I registered them today and have forwarded them to permalink permalink permalink permalink
Regards, permalink
Blake Hughes, Birmingham. UK. permalink
In the morning, guys! permalink
Adam, I know you're working on something for the domains that everyone permalink
is redirecting, if you need a PHP dev, look me up. Until then however, permalink
I came up with something on my own. permalink
redirects to the No Agenda site, but I also added a bunch of other permalink
redirects as well. I'm working on the list and have around 40 permalink
redirecting so far, a couple of examples: permalink
/show => "" permalink
/itunes => "itpc://" permalink
/donate => "" permalink
/na => "" permalink
/rss, "" permalink
/zune => "zune://subscribe/?No+Agenda=" permalink
/stream => "" permalink
/chat => "" permalink
/adam => "" permalink
/curry => "" permalink
/john => "" permalink
/dvorak => "" permalink
/news => "" permalink
This list is not all inclusive, there are a bunch more out there. You permalink
can also do /random to get to a random No Agenda related page. permalink
Doing a /999 of any number will redirect to the show notes for that number. permalink
Could put this out on GitHub for any producer who wants to add more permalink
redirects to their domain, if they're comfortable with PHP. permalink
Great hair, hope you win, permalink
Greg permalink
Hi AC, permalink
had nog twee extra domeinen al een tijdje klaar staan voor ander producers, maar die doen er niets mee... dus dan maar voor google-voer.... permalink en staan nu geforward naar ( of open voor gebruik met ander doel ) permalink
groet, permalink
Sander ( Got the ring!! Cool ) permalink
Hey Adam - Long time listener, keep spreading the love.╩I was able to pickup the website corresponding to my favorite jingle, and it now points to permalink
 permalink permalink
Peace brotha' permalink
--Toby permalink
Hey you need to mention this again.... permalink
WiFi Routers have a 'guest zone' which is exactly what it sounds like.  permalink
Name a 'guest zone'╩ and make the password 'inthemorning'. permalink
I live on top of a coffee shop.  permalink
When the out of work slaves show up to nurse their $4 cup of coffee for 8 hours (spouse don't know they were fired) and they start hunting free wi-fi... permalink
this is what shows up... permalink CSS re-do permalink
Knighthoods: James Briscoe permalink
Art By: Thoren Link permalink
ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) permalink
New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) Link permalink
The No Agenda News Network- Link permalink
Subscribe to our Podcast Feed Link permalink

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