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No Agenda Show for Sunday July 31st 2011

Carbon Cops

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Carbon Cops

Executive Producers: Joe Burton, James Carson, James McClure, Gordon Walton

Associate Executive Producers: James Pearce

333 Club Members: Joe Burton, James Carson

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HotPockets Producers

Art By: Nick the Rat

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Austin Texas Permalink.

7/30/11; 8:41:38 PM by AC

In The Morning everrrryybodddy from the Lone Star State!

We had a couple of travel days after my last update, and there wasn't much to report, so I waited until after today's Texas meetup in Austin to bring you the latest from the HotPockets2008 Tour.

We left Louisiana in the rain, effectively 100% humidity :-) Leaving after the show is actually a bit difficult in cities, as the central time zone puts us squarely in the middle of rush hour. Over an hour just to get out onto I-10 with Houston on our minds for Thursday evening.

A picture named i-10_sm.jpgMs Micky doesn't do too well in the dark (driving that is) so I took us as far as I safely could, arriving at a really dingy Comfort In (& suites!) about 30 miles outside of Houston. We opted for the $60 room, just to be able to use a decent shower. We were out as soon as our heads hit the pillows. BTW, it's a good idea to carry a bottle of Fabreeze on a trip like this. Although it does absolutely nothing to actually clean the air in a dingy room, it does trick your senses into believeing everything is nice and fresh. Ahhhh, the miracle of big pharma...

Up early, anxious to finish the remaining 5 hours to Austin, where my lifelong friend Greg has been living for the past 3 years and the promise of another cool room and shower with CSPAN, we opened the door to an absolute downpour. Tropical Storm Don was already letting his precense be known. I got soaked gearing up the Dutchess (the rig's new name) for departure. So much for the nice job I had just done on my coiffure.

Before heading out west again on I-10 we grabbed a quick breakfast at 'Wafflehouse', where Micky asked the legendary question why you can't get pancakes at Waffle house. Staff was speechless, har.

I-10 turned into Texas route 72, the absolute best road we've driven on so far during the trip. Smooth and very empty. Nice. But we didn't reach that beauty until we spent an hour in a jam smack in the middle of Houston. The radio informed us it was a fuel spill. The CB radio and my 'good buddies' provided the unfortunate news that there was no alternative route around the jam. Still fun to have the truckers tweeter for company.

We arrived at Greg's home a little after four. And fuck me if the bastard hasn't got himself a 7000 square foot home half an hour outside of Austin. Would we like to stay in the west wing? Duh!

I've known and worked with Greg in the radio bizz for a long time, and we always seem to pick up right were we left off, even if we hadn't spoken for almost 6 years this time around. Drinks, food and hillarious war stories of our year touring on the road with a variety of dubious top 40 actes in the 80's and 90's. This is the life!

He took us out to an amazing SteakHouse "Oasis', the overlooks Lake Travis, great food and a beautiful sunset to match.

A picture named austinProds_sm.jpgToday, after a recuperating swim with his son Zachary and the rest of 'Big Daddy's Family (a long story for another time) we set out for our meetup with No Agenda producers from Austin and as it turned out, as far away as Dallas and Houston who had all gathered at a nice eatery downtown. Producer Chris drove us down and we were greeted by an 'In The Morning' from, get this, exactly 33 producers all gathered at three long tables.

I'll talk more about the meetup on tomorrow's show, but Micky and I both had such a wonderful time meeting everyone, hearing all about life in the great state of Texas and fielding non stop inqueries about why we don't move here.

I have to say, it's now very high on the list. With 5% unemployment, no personal in come tax and very happy and NOT distracted Human Resources, this place is great! Very active film, music and media industries, great weather, lots of culture and fun. Also, everyone here is so pretty and healthy looking. Must be something here that we have to explore more :-)

It finally rained a bit when we got back to the house, a welcome ocurrence as this is about the worst time of year to be here. 100+ degrees every day and 40 days of drought until just now. I hope I brought this good karma to more places in town than just Lake Travis.

I'm trying to convince Micky to stay one more night and leave Monday morning early instead of after tomorrow's show, I just want to soak up a little more of this great atmosphere before we move on to our next adventure...Missssippi!!!

Thansk again everyone for the great visit and your support of the show and the tour!

As always, full photo albums available on the FaceBook page!

NA-325-2011-07-28 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Thursday July 28th 2011

Axis of Abuse

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Direct link to the mp3 file

Axis of Abuse

Executive Producers: Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, James, Jennifer Buchanan, Paul Schneider, Susan L. Brigham, Andrew Harms

Associate Executive Producers: David Romagosa

Executive Producers and 325 Club member: Andrew Harms

333 Club Members: James, Jennifer Buchanan, Paul Schneider, Susan L. Brigham,

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Knighthoods: Paul Schneider, Melissa Symmons

Art By: Thoren

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The Big Easy Permalink.

7/27/11; 8:39:18 AM by AC

Good morning from New Orleans!

A picture named nolaRVpark_sm.jpgOf all the interesting finds Ms Micky has uncovered for places to stay during our trip so far, this one is a true gem. There is a full on luxury RV park just two blocks from the french quarter. Who knew?! It's modern, has a great salt water pool, everything is paved and the entire place is gated with top notch security. For $60 a night, within walking distance from exactly where you want to be, its the best deal ever!

The drive from Alabama yesterday was a warm one, humidity and heat in the south are a lethal combination. My sinuses are starting to clear up, but a grovely cough remains, the atmospheric conditions didn't help.

A picture named burbon_sm.jpgRV learning moment; when parked on an inlcine, the holding tank (grey and black water) indicators will indicate incorrectly. We discovered we needed to dump when water started appearing in the shower. Baroness Maggie had warned me about this, so we caught it just in time, although we had to divert 15 miles just to find a facility where we could use to flush everything.

Micky slept in the back for most of the drive, while I listened to the traffic reports and some amusing banter of truckers on our newly aquired CB radio from Radio Shack (clearance sale, $49,99). As Micky pointed out, CB radio is twitter for truckers. In fact, back in the compuserve days, the online chat function was actually called "CB", some may remember....

Once hooked up and after a refreshing dip in the pool, we set out to explore the french quarter. It was very quiet, as many of the people we spoke to attested to. I laughed loudly as we turned left onto Burbon street, watching Micky's response was priceless. Of course she hated it. After explaining that this is the tourist side of the equation and slipping into several other residential streets, she quickly fell in love with it, and how couldn't she :-)

A picture named spookyBar_sm.jpgWe stopped every 50 feet for her to take some shots, and eventually settled on a couple of bar stools outside for a traditonal Hurricane. Of course every bar serves 'the best and most original' in the world. They were good :-)

We shared a plate of wings and something I hadn't had before: crackers with Philladelphia cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. Hot and yummy!

A picture named muleCarriage_sm.jpgWith darkness setting in, we did the tourist thing and took a mule and carriage guided tour, which, although at $75 is very expensive, is very romantic and gives you a good overview of the quiet residential areas that just make you want to pick up your belongings and move here.

We strolled back to the RV Park around 9:30, slightly tipsy, very tired and excited about the next day of fun in The Big Easy.

Lillian Alabama Permalink.

7/26/11; 8:46:39 AM by AC

A picture named fishHouse_sm.jpgCrazy thing happened on our way to Pensacola Florida last night, without even knowing it, we corssed the state line into Alabama. THis became apparent when we asked for a cab at the Campground Store to pick us up and drive us to the No Agenda Producer's meetup at the Fish House in downtown Pensacola. "No m'am, no cab will drive you to Florida" was the response. LOL

NA Producers to the rescue, not one but two rides showed up to take us to the freshest seafood meal I can remember. In all likelyhood, the crabs, talapia, calimari and shrimp we devoured was caught that very same day in the water we overlooked.

A picture named gulfCoast_sm.jpgI will be going into detail about our conversations over dinner on Thursday's show, since I gained a lot of insight about what happened down here since the BP coverup cleanup. But I can tell you here and now that the BP disaster jolted a lot of people into a highly awakened state, in particular in regards to their government's collusion with big business.

Preceeding our journey to the gulf coast, we of course had the show on Sunday from Nico and Ellen's driveway, which went off almost flawlessly. Several more show producers joined Ms Micky poolside while I was in the RV.

One of them was so kind to bring me a cooler full of dry ice, so I'll try that trick on the next show, see if I can turn the a/c off during the actual broadcast.

After a protein shake (thanks Ellen!) and a donation of a fullt ank of gas from Nico, we rolled out onto I-75. We got as far as Starke before setting up camp. With all apologies to anyone who lives there, it is to be avoided. Certainly the campground, which is located behind some kind of trash facility, and there are cops hiding behind billboard signs with speed guns at the ready every 5 miles.

With only 5 hours to drive yesterday, we had a nice lunch on the way in the state capitol. Tallahassee. Have you every tried a Turkey and Brie sandwich with raspberry jam?It's a definite must.

Fast forward to today, tuesday morning. We slept without the a/c on, as it is much cooler here, and we are parked only 50 yards from the beach, surrounded by the tropical steamy sounds that I imagine only the south can produce. The crazy douchebag world of Los Angeles seems so far away right now....

Today we will reach New Orleans and have a spot to park right near the French Quarter. We are going to explore the city for the next couple days together, as we need a bit of 'us time' after all the meetups and Ms Micky definitely needs to spend a full day on her photograpy. The city is made for it. I will dutifully be carrying the camera bag.

We certainly expect to meetup with a few folks while we're there, just follow what's on the facebook page for any details of impromptu meetups etc.

NA-324-2011-07-24 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Sunday July 24th 2011

Cut, Cap, Duck & Cover

A picture named na324art.jpg

Cut, Cap, Duck & Cover

Executive Producers: James, Brian Doerr, James Howard, Christian Winter

Associate Executive Producers: Kenneth Myklebust, Steve Thompson, Chad Laston

Executive Producers and 324 Club members:

333 Club Members: James, Brian Doerr, James Howard, Christian Winter

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Knighthoods: Sir James, Sir Christian Winter

Art By: Nick the Rat

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Tampa/St. Petersburg Fla. Permalink.

7/23/11; 10:06:34 AM by AC

Today's post comes to you from the Mongrove right in front of the RV at yet another excellent KOA campground in St. Petersburg Florida. It's absolutely beautiful here and I admit that I'm liking awakening in nature more every day. The wake-up process is completely organic, with the natural progression of sunlight slowly bringing us out of our comas back into 'reality'. It beats an alarm clock any day :-)

A picture named flaOrangjuice_sm.jpgYesterday's journey took us from about an hour north of Jacksonville down I-95 into Florida. Of course we stopped at the state line on the interstate for an obligatory free cup of fresh Florida orange juice at the 'Welcome Center' to celebrate the crossing :-)

John had recommended we stop in St. Augustine, so we opted for the longer route toward Daytona beach in order to make the visit. Arriving around lunchtime, we received several recommendations for food through the tweeters. We chose the A1A Ale House, right on the bay for some great seafood and locally brewed beers. Outstanding.

A picture named stAugustine_sm.jpgThe rest of the town appears to be overwrought with tourist attractions. Yet another 'touring tram', this time in the form of a red train streamed through the sreets. Plenty of gaudy shops to buy more crap no one needs, but we found our way to the historic old part of town and Ms Micky spent about 30 minutes taking pictures for her architecture collection.

We had a meetup planned at 7:30 at Producer Nico de Haan's house in St. Pete, and we thought we would be able to make it with time to spare. Of course we didn't consider traffic on the I-95 on a Friday evening passing Orlando. That really sucked big time. Stop and go for 30 miles until the jam finally let up. Luckily the weather cooled down somewhat thanks to the typical post 3pm rain shower, which also made for some spectacular sun/lightning/cloud formations to marvel at.

A picture named flaClouds_sm.jpgSomewhere in the past week I picked up a head cold, which konked me out after the traffic, prompting Ms. Micky to take over for the remaining 3 hours drive.

I was jolsted out of my nap by an 'oh shit' from her. Apparently running google latitude and the GPS on Android while plugged into the 12volt cigar lighter doesn't actually charge your battery fast enough to keep up with the power drain and the the Samsung died on her just as the route and road changes got interesting.

I plugged in the power inverter, plugged the phone charger into it and reboorted. Just in time to veer off towards Nico and Ellen's house.

Nico de Haan is ducth by birth, emigrated to Canada just after the second world war and married his American bride 16 years ago. His is a martial arts expert, personal trainer, and host of an extremely interesting podcast, Living a Primal Lifestyle. I was floored when he told me he is 67. He is more in shape than I am, and almost as handsome :-)

They had opened their home to us for a meetup, and we were joined by Sir Andrew Greene and his girl Amanda, Gitmo Slave and Chad Laston. We had beers, red wine, ribs and wings, all poolside unde the cooling breeze of tropical ceiling fans. Since this was a smaller group than our other meetups, we were able to have a great chat about the No Agenda 'tribe' and our dreams of 'just getting by'.

We'll be staying at the camp ground through tomorrow, although we're planning to drive back to Nico and Ellen's place to take advantage of the wifi for Sunday's show, as well as the post show dip in the pool. Ms Micky will broadcasting live with GitmoSlave poolside as well.

From there it looks like we're headed towards New Orleans, but you never know :-)

Yesterday's route, with a gap due to failed interwebs

I-95 Jeckyl Island Permalink.

7/22/11; 8:45:55 AM by AC

We're just a stone throw away from Jeckyly Island, in Georgia, where 100 years ago the powerful Elite$ consipred against the citizens of Gitmo Nation by instituting the Federal Reserve. I can smell the evil from here :-)

Yesterday I awoke to the glourious site of the Lake we were parked at in Mt. Pleasant just north of Charleston South Carolina. We kept the rig nice and cool since I had a show to do, and that also meant I didn't have much time to explore the surroundings.

The camp wifi started crapping out around 8am, icmp errors, amazingly I was able to establish reasonable comminucations on the AT&T 3G connection and it held up pretty well throughout the entire show. Of course we're prepared to encounter this, so even though skype delays and dropouts occur, we were able to get by without too much trouble.

After the show a couple producers stopped by, bearing good cheer and locally brewed beer, a welcome beverage in the 110+ degree heat at that point.

After striking camp (dumping 'black' and grey water, disconnect everything and hit the gas) we drove straight into the city of Charleston. We loved the old southern architecture that has been so nicely integrated with modern city life. We had heard about a dutch couple who opened a real ducth french fries joint a couple months ago and filled up on Patat Speciaal, Pataje Oorlog and a couple home made 'oliebollen' at the Patat Spot before returning to route 17, also known as the Savannah Highway back toward I-95.

A couple hours later we saw signs for Savannah. Although our destination was closer to Jacksonville Florida, we couldn't resist the opportunity to hang a left for a look.

We lucked out coming over the 'big bridge' into Savannah, as I wound up behind a local tour tram, and followed it through the old historic 'squares' district. My god it's so beautiful!

Savannah isn't exactly built to handle RV traffic, so we couldn't easily find a parking spot to get out and explore, and it was also getting dark, but for those of you who know the town, I actually took the rig down River street, cobblestones and all LOL.

Back on I-95 we set the cruise control for 70Mph, and held the middle lane for the remainder of what we could drive. It had been a while since I had driven on an unlit interstate highway, and I kept feeling the urge to pull back on the stick for takeoff as it resembled a runway by night.

At 10 we pulled off at a comfort inn, enjoyed the hot hot hot shower and watched some CSPAN. Ah yes, life on the road!

Here's a google map ouf our route from yesterday. Breakfast is next, then we head to Tampa for a Meetup at Producer Nico de Haan's home.

NA-323-2011-07-21 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Thursday July 21st 2011

CIA vs MI6

A picture named na323art.jpg

CIA vs MI6

Executive Producers: John Turek

Executive Producers and 323 Club members: John Turek

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Art By: Jesse Anderson

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Charleston South Carolina Permalink.

7/21/11; 7:57:51 AM by AC

Good Morning from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina!

I think I have to give up on the pictures on the blog, Ms Micky's offyourfacebook page seems to be the place where everyone is watching and commenting. Of course there is an RSS feed as I mentioned yesterday, so at least folks like me aren't totally locked out :-)

After a peaceful night parked out front of Stuart Greenes home in Asheville, we awoke fresh and ready for the drive to Charleston South Carolina.

Our actual departure out of Asheville was delayed a couple hours due to a visit to the 'Biltmore Home', the largest private hoe in the United States (afaik), built as a 'vacation home' by George Vanderbilt. This place is amazing, and I'm gad we took the time to look at just how well the elite$ of the previous century lived.

Crikey, the drive from the entrance gate to the house alone is 5 miles!

All the 'guides'' and workers on the premises seemed a bit MK Ultra, partial nazi like vibe, but I guess they've been trained by thos who know how to handle human resources.

No pictures allowed inside, or use of the facilities. Even though the home boasts 43 bathrooms, in a home built in an era when most homes still had an outhouse.

How ironic is it that I visit the family home of Anderson Vanderbilt Pooper, and I'm not allowed to poop there?!

After the Biltmore we hauled ass down I-26, unfortunately we ran out of time to make a 1.5 hour detour to visit Marvin & Joshua's Exxon Station at Exit 135 on Route I-95 (SC) for a quick meetup and free fill-up, but we spoke on the phone and they were dissapointed, but understanding. I felt pretty bad about missing them, but that's how it goes when you're freewheeling the hotpockets I guess.

About 2 hours from Charleston, we stopped at Live Oak Farms, somehting Micky found on an app of fresh food places (name forthcoming) and picked up some frsh eggs, milk, cottage cheese and homemade jam and other goodies. A real treat!

We arrived at our campground around 7:45pm, just in time to get our reserved spot on a beautiful lake and watch the sunset while drinking some Virginia Chardonnay.

Oh, lest I forget, it's 116 degrees Farenheit here. Fuck me, Global warming does exist I guess :-)

The show starts in about an hour from now, wifi at the camp is good when it doesn't break up, presumably some other RV-er bittorrenting wife-swapping pr0n, so I've opted for trying the AT&T 3G connection. I just did a test and it seems to be functioning, but fully expect Murphy to mess with me when we go live.

A picture named acsHat.jpgOh yes, got me a hat. I like it.

Asheville, North Carolina Permalink.

7/19/11; 8:55:41 PM by AC

Another late night, almost midnight, but still wanted to get a quick update in.

We broke up camp early this morning and headed further south toward Asheville North Carolina, with a short detour to Salem Virginia to meet up for lunch with James from He looked nothing like I imaged him. After having enjoyed his Hollowed books and homegrown tobacco, I fully expected braided grey ponytail and rimmed glasses. Nothing could be further from the clean cut all american guy who we dined with at the Blue Apron. A great restaurant! I had a grilled skirt steak that was the best I've ever tasted!

A picture named scenicOverlookthumb.jpgAfter coffee we flew down I-81 at Ms Micky's usual pace that equals 1mph for the total route number, then I took over for the mountain climb up I-26. We stopped at a 'scenic overlook' to let the engine cool down a bit. Whoever makes those scenic overlooks needs their head examined. What a waste of money. Pics to follow as promised.

Our hosts in Asheville are Stuart Greene and his lovely family, who opened up their home to us for hot showers and a cool drink before heading to downtown Asheville for another meetup with some great No Agenda producers who came from far and wide again to enjoy a meal, and good cheer. Once again, I'm blown away by the diversity of the audience, their passion for country and the dream... of just gettig by (sarcasm intended)

I'm so tired now I have to stop. Up early to get to Charlotte Charleston at a reasonable hour. I'll write more when Ms Micky has the wheel again :-)

(ps) Here is a map with our route through Virginia to North Carolina

(pps) The Facebook page has an RSS feed!

Shenandoah National Park Permalink.

7/18/11; 9:40:35 PM by AC

I write this update by the glowing embers of the campfire in the Loft Mountain camprgound, a nice secluded spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just a bit south of the middle of Shenandoah National Park Virginia.

The MacBook Air doesn't have a lit keyboard, not so handy as it turns out.

We drove off from Baroness Maggie's home around 9:30am, headed due west on route 3, 20 and finaly route 33, yes indeed, a magical route :-) Along the way we passed Montpelier, James Madison's birth home and estate where he also died. Madison was the 4th President of the Untied States and is often heralded as (one of) the fathers of the Constitution. We didn't take the hour long tour of the house, but did take some nice pictures of it and his wife Dolley's beatiful garden. Of course I picked up the obligatory copy of the Constitution in the gift shop.

The drive was spectacular, the road just wide enough for us to keep rolling even with oncoming traffic.

Loft Mountain is the furthest campground in the southern part of Skyline drive so we decided to stay overnight in the park instead of an RV facility further south. Good choice.

Only drawback is that there are no 'hookups' for RV's, so we are relying on our onboard water and power. Generators are only allowed to run from 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm, just enough time to recharge batteries if needed. So obvioulsy it's blissfully quiet.

We hoped to see a black bear, as this is prime country for catching a glimpse, but no joy on that front. Plenty of deer, chipmunks and rabbits though.

The fire is now almost out, so I'll have to go into the rig to do a scan of email. Show prep is almost impossible since the only connection we can get up here is T-Mobile 2.5G. Full five bars though, which is great since a slow uninterrupted connection is beter than the flakey AT&T and Verizon signals we have (I brought three networks). T-Mobile for the win this time!

Ms Micky has just finished her photos for the day, I hope to be able to upload a few before we retire for the night and will post them here and on the site.

Things I learned:

Rangers are friendly people and like to talk a lot. Unless you have the time, don't encourage them.

When you tell other folks you are from Southern California, they will ask if you happen to have any SoCal 'pharmaceuticals' on board.

You actually have to turn Google Latitude 'on' in the settings

Gas at $3.50 a gallon ain't cheap

The wood they sell you at the campstore will make nice smoke. Fire, not so much :-)

Leaving Virginia Permalink.

7/17/11; 9:28:05 PM by AC

Sunday on a beautiful summer's eve in the south, it doesn't get much better when you hear the sounds of the cicadas all around you, disturbed only slightly by the hum of the air conditioner that is keeping our rolling home cool.

Its hard for me to keep up with all I want to write about, I talked a lot about our No Agenda meetup on today's show, but I'd like to reiterate how wonderful its been meeting so many of the producers of the show, learning about their lives, how they found us and why they listen. I'm happy to report that we have an overwhelming majority of folks in these parts who have one form of security clearance or another. I probaby heard more than I should, but I'm proud to be associated with people who are have clear thoughts and tremendous skills. Its good to know that the iron fist that appears clad around the human resources of Gitmo Nation has a soft palm.

Our hosts, the Baroness and Mr Smith have been so wonderful. Besides allowing us the use of their RV for the next 5 weeks, they really helped us get settled, prepared and comfortable for this tremendous journey.

Tomorrow we plan on leaving early, headed further south. Ms. Micky has completely assumed the duties of coordinating with producers in each state, North Carolina is next. Its hard deciding where to go, but we also want to get off the beaten track when possible, so we've opted for Ashville as our next stop. We won't be there until tuesday, so the plan is to find something halfway for our overnight. Since the drive will take us through the Shenandoah Valley, I'm sure we'll have a great nature adventure.

I'm woefully behind on email and news articles, typical that I didn't think about how much I actually compile in between shows, but I hope to catch up on the 3G connection while Ms Micky has the wheel.

A picture named mobilerigthumb.jpgPlans plans plans.... I need to resurrect Daily Source Code old style, with some talk, since that is much more my medium than writing, and I finally hope to document my mobile setup. It's really performing beautifully in the RV, and I know a lot of people want to know how it's all hooked up and connected. I warn you in advance, it involves gaffers tape...

Things I've learned:

Our audience is awesome. Huge hearts, high intelligence and a deep love of our country.

I miss John not being with us

The toilet in the rig has a sticky handle, if you don't jiggle it after flushing it will eventually overflow into the rig. Luckily that's clean water, but still.

RV awnings require major skills upon deploying, and multiple people.

Micky is maintaining a facebook page of the trip. I know, it's a travesty, but probably handy for some. I continue to be a lone wolf, hosting on my own infrastructure. The tour site can be found at

More tomorrow!

NA-322-2011-07-17 Permalink.

No Agenda Show for Sunday July 17th 2011

Pastafarians Unite!

A picture named na322art.jpg

Direct link to the mp3 file Permalink.

Pastafarians Unite!

Executive Producers: Michael Zelina, Craig William Ducar, David Hewitt, Christian Winter, Ying Zhu

Associate Executive Producers: Harry & Jen Pigrim, Taylor Stewart, Matt Jones

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Knighthoods: Craig William Ducar (In memoriam), David Hewitt

Art By: Nick the Rat

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The Baroness and The Pilgrim Permalink.

7/16/11; 12:43:05 PM by AC

We arrived 15 minutes head of schedule yesterday at Dulles international, after an uneventful flight (I love United's channel 9 from the flight deck audio channel, pure aviation pr0n) and we were met at baggage claim by No Agenda producers Harry Pilgrim and his lovely wife Jen. They had the most awesome Hot Pockets 2008 tour sign to identify themselves to us, but Harry's brand new ankle cast and crutches were a dead giveaway :-)

harry and jen pilgrimThis started a pretty surreal experience for us, it really is happening! The NA audience is taking care of us as promised!

We collected out bags and started the hour+ long journey to Fredericksburg, home of Baroness Maggie Vincent of Virginia. These kinds of drives, which included an amazing amount of standstill traffic, are a great way to get to know each other. We had a lot of good laughs about the show, Harry's work and life stuff.

10 minutes into F-town and we turned left into an oasis of gardening beauty, with the Fourwinds 5000 RV parked in it's own special bay. Our new home for the next 5 weeks!

jen,harry,MrSmith,maggie,RVMany pictures to come of the rig and our hostess Maggie & the mysterious 'Mr Smith', who really rolled out all the goods for our 'homecoming'. Martinis, Cosmos, Beer, wine, BBQ skewers, cheese fondu, all topped off with a chocolate fondu consisting of secret ingredients such as "some french stuff', all home made delights courtesey of Miss Maggie.

night time va fireAfter smoking a cigar around the outdoor fireplace, we rolled into bed around midnight, content, dead tired, bellies full and hearts overflowing.

A picture named thumbnail.jpgEven though the rig is about 5 feet shorter than the one we took on the test drive, the bed appears to be about a foot longer. A welcome surprise for the two blond giants that we are :-) We slept like logs, and were awakened by the sound of the birds and the Virginia sun just rising through the trees. In a word; glorious!

Mr Smith took us out to the 'Battlefield Restaurant' for a true southern breakfast, introducing Ms Micky to her first Biscuits and Gravy. It Sticks To Your Ribs!

A quick spin through the organic food section of Wegmans, and back to the homestead for showers and preparations for the 2pm No Agenda producer meetup.

Can't wait to put some faces to names, get some great pictures and then settle in to test the mobile studio and start prepping for tomorrow's show.

Even in these short 24 hours of being here I can confirm that Virginia truly is for Lovers.

Hot Pockets Are Go! Permalink.

Its Thursday night and this will be our last evening in Los Angeles for the next 5 weeks or so as we leave tomorrow on a dream trip.

What started as one of those 'you know what would be cool' ideas, is now a reality! In the morning, we fly to Virginia where the No Agenda Rig awaits our departure on an RV tour across the United States.

A picture named hotpocketstourSmallpic.jpgI've decided this will be a good opportunity to reinvigorate the blog, keep a running jourmal of each day's events as we cruise south, around the Florida pan handle, along the gulf coast and up the rockies before heading east again.

That's kind of the plan at least. We don't have one, on purpose.

We do have over 200 invites from listeners/producers of the No Agenda Podcast who have offered their driveways, wifi and good home cooking.

To say we're excited is an understatement.

We're also a bit nervous in a way I guess, this is a big deal :-)

Twice a week I'll be broadcasting live from the road as well as producing the Big App Show. You should see the gear I have packed to make this happen. Don't worry, you will, as Ms Micky will be taking plenty of pictures of our travels.

Updates to follow tomorrow upon arrival at Baroness Maggie Vincent's estate in Virginia!

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No Agenda Show for Thursday July 14th 2011

Internet in a Suitcase

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Internet in a Suitcase

Executive Producers: Joe Travis, Dwayne Melacon, Sir Lawrence Roik, Mark Lay, Sir Cecil Norris

Executive Producers and 321 Club members: A.J. Rystad, Dwayne Melacon, Lawrence Roik, Mark Lay,

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No Agenda Show for Sunday July 10th 2011

Dead Man Walking

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Dead Man Walking

Executive Producers: David Hewitt, Mr. Smith, Kent Zieser, Brian Furgeson, Guy Boazy, Steven Pelsmaekers

Associate Executive Producers: Donald E. Silva

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A picture named genY2.jpg

'nuff said.

Why does Google get a free pass? Permalink.

With all the Dropbox Terms of Service discussions of late, It's amazing to me that Google continues to geta\ a free pass.

From the Google general Terms of Service: (emphasis mine)

11. Content license from you

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.

11.2 You agree that this license includes a right for Google to make such Content available to other companies, organizations or individuals with whom Google has relationships for the provision of syndicated services, and to use such Content in connection with the provision of those services.

Especially now that Google+ can be configured (you need to opt out in the sign up process) to suck all your pictures right out of your smartphone into the cloud it seems content owners and copyright hoders (that's us) should think twice about what rights they are granting to Google.

With 'syndicated services' does Google mean they have a deal with Associated Press or WENN, or TMZ?

We deserve clarification of definitions. We did it to Dropbox, let's show some muscle.

Why does Google get a free pass? Permalink.

With all the Dropbox Terms of Service discussions of late, It's amazing to me that Google continues to geta\ a free pass.

From the Google general Terms of Service: (emphasis mine)

Especially now that Google+ can be configured (you need to opt out in the sign up process) to suck all your pictures right out of your smartphone into te cloud it seems content owners and copyright hoders (that's us) should think twice about what rights they are granting to Google.

With 'syndicated services' does Google mean they have a deal with Associated Press or WENN, or TMZ?

We deserve clarification of definitions. We did it to Dropbox, let's show some muscle.

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No Agenda Show for Thursday July 7th 2011

Boob Bombs!

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Boob Bombs!

Executive Producers: Anonymous, The Special Goodness, Darren Philips, Justin Seitz

Associate Executive Producers: Jeffrey Stark, Matthew Guthrie, Mathia Andersen, Felix Schudel, DawnOwar

319 Club members: Darren Philips, Justin Seitz

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A picture named wrestlemania.jpgI rarely write about our discussions on the No Agenda Show podcast after the fact, but I really need to replay something my partner John C Dvorak said, to my friends who find themselves caught up in the 'debt ceiling debate'.

The whole thng is bogus.

If politics is showbusiness for ugly people, this is American Idol.

As a part of the left/right paradigm, you are being played to buy into this phony debate. The mainstream media is gleefully taking advantage of this wrestlemania match to reel you into reading and watching their 'news.'

Our consensus is that because President Obama himself voted against the debt ceiling when he was Senator because 'he knew it would pass anyway', and his own administration provided the very tax breaks to 'corporate jet owners' he is now threatening to take away, the republicans are only using this to distract from his campaigning efforts which, of course, make use of 'our' corporate jet Air Force One.

The debt ceiling will be raised. Guaranteed.

This entire charade is a gift to the media for which airtime is received in return, and saves them buckets of cash by not having to report any actual news. It's a distraction.

In the process, you have now become the product the mainstream sells to corporations and banks who thrive on building corporate jets (including parts and fuel) and borrowing cheap money from the fed.

Evil Clouds Permalink.

A picture named angry-clouds.gifI was listening to Dave Winer's podcast this afternoon. This episode focused mainly on his decision to remove his content and stop using Dropbox for his 'systems' due to their recent change of TOS (Terms Of Service)

Of note was his observation that the dropbox service is essentially a high-level interface to Amamzon S3, and that Amazon's TOS should be reviewed in this regard as well. Good point.

So I did.

IANAL, but the main difference in how Dropbox treats ownership of 'Your Stuff' and Amazon treats 'Your Content' is in the clearly stated ownership clauses. (emphasis is mine)


By using our Services you may give us access to your information, files, and folders (together, "your stuff"). You retain ownership to your stuff. You are also solely responsible for your conduct, the content of your files and folders, and your communications with others while using the Services.

We sometimes need your permission to do what you ask us to do with your stuff (for example, hosting, making public, or sharing your files). By submitting your stuff to the Services, you grant us (and those we work with to provide the Services) worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable rights to use, copy, distribute, prepare derivative works (such as translations or format conversions) of, perform, or publicly display that stuff to the extent reasonably necessary for the Service. This license is solely to enable us to technically administer, display, and operate the Services. You must ensure you have the rights you need to grant us that permission.


8.1 Your Content. As between you and us, you or your licensors own all right, title, and interest in and to Your Content. Except as provided in this Section 8, we obtain no rights under this Agreement from you or your licensors to Your Content, including any related intellectual property rights. You consent to our use of Your Content to provide the Service Offerings to you and any End Users. We may disclose Your Content to provide the Service Offerings to you or any End Users or to comply with any request of a governmental or regulatory body (including subpoenas or court orders).

There are problems with both imho. Where Amazon speaks of 'disclosing' my content in order to provide 'the service', Dropbox is requiring a 'license'. Disclosure sounds much more reasonable than a license. On the other hand, I don't like that Amazion will disclose my content stored on their servers to any government organization, apparently even without a court order or subpoena.

That said, if I have content I don't want the government to see, I shouldn't be putting it on a networked machine in the first place, unless it is enrypted.

So why does Dropbox require a license as a front end to a system that only requires a consent to disclose? I think Dave is correct in assuming Dropbox is going in a direction where they perceive their value in the behaviour and marketability of their users instead of a consumer level enterpirse service that you pay for (as I do).

This is further accentuated in Dropbox's Privacy statement, where dropbox users agree to:

Non-private or Non-Personal Information. We may disclose your non-private, aggregated, or otherwise non-personal information, such as usage statistics of our Service.


Business Transfers. If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your information may be transferred as part of that transaction, but we will notify you (for example, via email and/or a prominent notice on our website) of any change in control or use of your Personal Information or Files, or if either become subject to a different Privacy Policy. We will also notify you of choices you may have regarding the information.

I personally am not keen on my location being tracked without an opt-out:

Geo-Location Information: Some Devices allow applications to access real-time location-based information (for example, GPS). Our mobile apps do not collect such information as of the date this policy went into effect, but may do so in the future with your consent to improve our Services. Some photos you place in Dropbox may contain recorded location information. We may use this information to optimize your experience. Also, some of the information we collect from a Device, for example IP address, can sometimes be used to approximate a Device's location.

I use dropbox in a very specific manner, one that I believe can be replicated with other software and Amazon S3. I'm not moving yet, but when I can replicate my specific functions, I will. It will also save me $99/year.

By the way, even if you delete your account and your files, if anyone else was previously sharing those files with you, it isn't deleted, as clearly stated in the 'Data Retention Clause':

We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services, you may delete your account here. We may retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. Consistent with these requirements, we will try to delete your information quickly upon request. Please note, however, that there might be latency in deleting information from our servers and backed-up versions might exist after deletion. In addition, we do not delete from our servers files that you have in common with other users.

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No Agenda Show for Sunday July 3d 2011

Reckless & Provocative

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Reckless & Provocative

Executive Producers: James Briscoe, Dylan Longworth, David Peterson, Mark Martinet,

Associate Executive Producers: Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, Saint Nikki, John Grumling, Neil Liston, Samuel Jones

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This is being posted from my MacBook Air.

It worked!

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