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By Adam Curry on Thursday, July 07, 2011 at 8:43 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday July 7th 2011 permalink
Boob Bombs! permalink
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Boob Bombs! permalink
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In the morning. Still a boner though.  permalink
  permalink permalink
ITM, permalink
Please add the following domains, now forwarding to permalink permalink permalink
Keep up the excellent mouth-hitting! permalink
Thanks, permalink
Chuck B permalink
While I was listening to NA 318 I heard you guys talk a lot about bogus news, as you always do, and I thought that might be a good domain to forward to so I registered  permalink
Again, thank you for providing a valuable public service by calling out all of the nonsense in the media permalink
-Ryan Hoskins permalink
To round things out, I'll mention that I've been forwarding a domain I own "" (like Dr Pepper, but with more fiber, or at least that was the idea at the time I registered it) to for some time.   permalink
Best regards, permalink
Steven Cogswell  permalink
Adam - Need an account on the news network please. permalink
Also, I got since obama's been doing all that.  It's pointed to permalink
Thanks, permalink
--  permalink
Mike permalink
Hey Adam, permalink
Happy 4th. I just forwarded and to and also signed up for thr $5 monthly donations. Sorry i've been a doucher for a while. Keep up the great work. permalink
-Ronson permalink
ITM ... a few more domains now forwarding to permalink
  permalink permalink
  permalink permalink
  permalink (the Krispy Kreme franchise owner in Philly owes me money; fuggim) permalink
  permalink permalink
  permalink permalink
Happy 4th to you and Miz Mickey! permalink
Black Knight Sir LOHAD permalink
a.k.a. Craig Peters | | permalink
@adamcurry now forwarding and to Link permalink
ASKOBAMA.ORG now forwards to NOAGENDASHOW.COM. permalink
--Thoren permalink
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