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Shreveport, Louisiana
By Adam Curry on Monday, August 01, 2011 at 4:20 PM.
8/1/11; 10:57:23 AM by AC permalink
More accurately, I-20 east bound towards Mississippi. Ms. Micky is behind the wheel and we have about 7 hours drive today to our buddy Ryno The Bearded's house, which is 30 minutes from Tupelo Mi. permalink
A picture named ac-Rig-Studio_sm.jpgYesterday was the best show we've done during the trip imho, mainly due to excellent connectivity. This thanks to the wifi provided by our host and one of my true friends, Greg Lawley in Austin Texas. Of course I did have to move the rig to another spot in front of the house in order to get the perfect reception, which meant plugging into a 15 amp circuit, precluding use of the airconditioner. Maybe when my brain is hot the show goes better as well :-) permalink
We really, really loved Austin, and the drive up north to Shreveport was some of the most beautiful landscape we've seen on the trip. Lovely to see all the cattle eating grass, not that corn crap that makes it to most dinner tables in the country. They actually looked healthier, even from our 70mph drive by. permalink
As we discussed on the show (episode 326), it's 'amazing' how a state where there is no personal income tax and the majority of citizens have or carry a gun, has such great infrastructure, beautiful roads, low crime and only 5% unemployment (government numbers, so lets just say 10%). How does that work? Must be the real American system that stil exists here.  permalink
We have been talking about Austin ever since we left as we are also blown away by the real estate prices. We won't be making any decisions until after the trip, but I think there is a high likelyhood we will return to Austin to look at places to live, as it really appeals to both of us. With thriving Music, Art and Media industries, it just might be perfect for us. permalink
A picture named ac-Rig_exterior_sm.jpgBut we still have several thousand miles to go, we've clocked 3000 so far, and I'm happy to say that the dutchess is holding up nicely. We've gotten pretty good at RV life, I can do all the hookups in the dark, even after a 6 hour drive, and it's notable that after 3 days and 2 nights in a beautifuk manison with pool and airconditioning among the many amenities a luxurius lifestyle offers, we actually both were kind of happy to settle back into our mobile box. Funny how that works. permalink
We rolled into the Tall Pines RV park around 11:30 pm, and after securing everything for the night, I had a nice Jack Daniels on the steps of the rig, enjoying the (relative) cool air of a star filled Louisiana night before slipping next to Ms Micky and into a deep peaceful sleep. permalink
Loving listening to country radio in these parts. Not just the commercial pop stuff either. I didn't know that 'Slow Hand' was written by Conway Twitty. Always thought it was a Pointer Sisters original... permalink
[Photos by Josh Nataros] permalink

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