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By Adam Curry on Thursday, August 04, 2011 at 8:14 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday August 4th 2011 permalink
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Aromatic Poo permalink
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Best Regards, permalink
Dave Anderson permalink permalink permalink permalink
rgds permalink
Shane permalink
Hey Adam, permalink
Hope the Hot Pockets 2008 tour is going well. I am a faithful listener and unfortunately have been a boner the past year and half. Times has been hard as anyone can understand. I have a domain I that I just set to forward to No Agenda " It was a site that I was going to upload my own podcasts too. Unfortunately I don't have a podcast license and hope to get one soon. Please take this as my donation to the show. Hopefully I will get some good "karma" soon and will be able to continue my donations towards knighthood. I look forward to your show and have 2weeks worth of news to catch up on. Say hello to Buzkill for me and let him know we need more restaurant reviews. permalink
Faithful Human Resource,  permalink
Aaron Tunstall permalink
In the Morning John and Adam, permalink now forwards to permalink
This was inspired by your clarification in show #326 that the MQ-9 Reaper Drone is the one that actually fires missiles. permalink
By the way, I'm very happy with my copy of the Bourne Identity that I just got from  permalink
Later, permalink
Greg Rosati  permalink now forwarding to the NoAgenderShow. permalink
Jamey Stubblefield permalink
ITM Adam, permalink
After hearing the last show, with the USB thumbdrive permalink
materials that you got from people that you don't know, permalink
I took it upon myself to pre-emptively register permalink, just in case. :-) permalink
It's forwarded to, ofcourse. permalink
Keep up the good work, permalink
André ;^) permalink
Hey Adam, hope the tour is going well. Just purchased and forwarded a fun one...  permalink
Thanks for the show! Fills my weekly commutes between Indianapolis and Chicago with something that actually engages my mind!  permalink
Nathan, Brownsburg, IN permalink
The first step in any vast conspiracy is to infilitrate various organizations with your shills and puppets. So, No Agenda Nation's shill placement service will help you find a job! Link permalink
Feedback welcome! ( permalink
Urban Dictionary: In the morning Link permalink permalink
$30 permalink
19.98 permalink
Sir DSC in Oregon: 6.66 permalink
Jessie Anderson: 3.33 permalink
Art By: Thoren permalink
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