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By Adam Curry on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 7:14 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday August 18th 2011 permalink
Ricin Beans permalink
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Ricin Beans permalink
Executive Producers: Fishguy, Scott Shellhammer, Scott Hankel permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Jonathan Doughtie, Anonymous, Travis Dillman permalink
Executive Producers and 331 Club member: Scott Hankel permalink
333 Club Members: Fishguy, Scott Shellhammer permalink
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Knighthoods: Andrew Schmidt permalink
While not personally looking to cash in, media personalities Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ, and John C. Devorak are two beneficiaries of domain-purchasing pranksters. Type in and you will be whisked to the site of their podcast, the No Agenda Show. But they aren't responsible for that. The address is registered to an air-conditioning and electrical services company in Keene, Texas. permalink
Our listeners have registered over 500 domain names that point to our show website, Curry explained in an email. Usually this is due to a conversation or topic on the show. We're no fans of Perry, so this is a nice blocking move. permalink
Another Perry-themed way to get to the No Agenda Show site: permalink
Texas Tribune Link permalink
The following domains now forward to permalink
• permalink
• permalink
--  permalink
Pat Deery permalink
ITM! permalink
Hope you enjoy my latest effort... lol... may I present... No Agenda Puppets! permalink permalink
James permalink
Hey Adam, permalink
I've been listening for a few months now while unemployed and finally got a job a couple of weeks ago, so expect a donation soon. In the  permalink
mean-time, I'm forwarding to the No Agenda Show. I really enjoy the show and look forward to punching some  permalink
people in the mouth! permalink
Best! permalink
Leland  permalink
nois machine writes: permalink
i noticed that noagendastickers was a bust, so i decided to do it right with high-quality vinyl. permalink
i was planning on kicking it off with a donation, but i'm beyond broke (22K in debt), so i decided to offer this instead: permalink permalink
all profits will go to no agenda show. permalink
i don't have cash, but i have some equipment on loan. permalink
if you absolutely need a donation for the PR mention, i can try asking friends to pool money together, but i figured this website had the long-term potential that i would like to contribute. permalink
thanks for reading guys. i'd like to send one of each graphic to both of you as well...i just need a physical address to send it to you. permalink
thanks for the great show and all the hard work you put into it. permalink
Hey Adam, ex douchebag here, thanks to my awesome slave friend in Ohio who donated 333 $ in my behalf last show. Just wanted to let you know that I think you forgot to add his PR contribution to the nashownotes link for this past episode. He registered a great website directed to noagendashow, called  permalink
I punched him in the mouth from all across the continent, and it paid back! permalink
Wish you the best for the remaining of your Hot Pocket 2008 tour!  permalink
And now that you know you have an Argentinian listener, maybe also ask if you could through in some southamerican news media assassination once in a while. permalink
Keep up the great job and say hi to Miky from me! permalink
Best regards, permalink
PARA MAĄANA! permalink
Victoria Arnoldi  permalink
I got permalink
However, I still don't know how to forward (would be a good site to go to permalink
Robert Seals permalink
I forwarded and to permalink
Brian Baird permalink permalink
In case the reference isn't obvious, it refers to the politicians who keep skirting around direct yes-or-no questions that would force them to admit to their own ineffectiveness. (e.g., Lucy Napolitano refusing to answer questions regarding the body scanners) permalink
Regards, permalink
- Mike permalink
In the morning, Adam. permalink
Here's some domains for the redirection list: permalink permalink permalink permalink
Oh, and in case people have complaints in Ohio: permalink permalink
Have fun, permalink
Mike permalink
Welcome to the No Agenda Watchlist WikiEdit Link permalink
The No Agenda Watch List Wiki permalink now forwards to permalink
just watching the blowhard wolf on cnn talking about 'lone wolf terror permalink
threat'.... had to get this one permalink
Scott Shellhammer $333.33 permalink
Gary Miller $100 permalink
Sir Dave N3PRO $111.15 permalink
Joe & Mary Castello $50 permalink
Victoria Shellmhammer $81.40 permalink
Jon Bolland $50 permalink
(sir) Andrew Schmidt $50 permalink
Elliot Gardner $60 - douche Chris Coulson, Karma wedding and Krista leg permalink
Rabbi Mike $33.33 permalink
Bill Arcand $100 permalink
Sir Frizz $100 permalink
Jim Spitzer $100 permalink
Patrick Dailey $100 permalink
Art By: Thoren permalink
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