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By Adam Curry on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 7:54 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday August 28th 2011 permalink
"Hunker Down" permalink
Direct Link tot the mp3 file Link permalink
"Hunker Down" permalink
Executive Producers: Sir Matthew Carey, Sir David Hoffman, Baron Steven Pelsmaekers, Jake Rock, Parler Haut permalink
Executive Producers and 334 Club members: Sir David Hoffman, Baron Steven Pelsmaekers permalink
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Knighthoods: Jake Rock permalink
Art By: Nick the Rat permalink
These you have to purchase in game in the "Social District"  They will stay up for a week and are seen by pretty much everyone who wants to customize there toon, or buy sell or trade.  This is in the game APB reloaded. The server I play on has around 20,000 people so a couple thousand at least will see this.  Unlike the other one which is only there while your personally on the server and is only a 100 man instance.  Anyways spreading the word in some way!! permalink
BTW permalink
You didn't mention my song like you said you would when I met you in Shickshinny.  I understand, but I just want it mentioned so I could buy my knighthood buy a knighthood. permalink
Government by permalink
jonny b and the dirty hippies permalink
available everywhere fine and shitty digital music is sold. permalink
Thanks lots of karma to you permalink
Your friend in slavery, permalink
Jon Gabriel Bolland II permalink
Please don't mention my name when you inform the audience of the below permalink
domain.  It is rather unique and I don't want the attention. permalink permalink permalink
Thank you for the Show permalink
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