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Rebooting The Music Business
By Adam Curry on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 10:57 PM.
About a month ago I was approached by a company regarding a project that didn't sound very interesting to me at this stage of my life. permalink
After a few days of thought, I realized they have all the resources to create a radical shift in the business I've grown up in and I pitched them a completely different idea on a follow-up call. We were both enthousiastic about the idea and opportunity. So much so that one of their executives flew out from New York yesterday to meet in person and discuss the proposition in detail. permalink
I think we have a blueprint that will appeal to artists (signed and unsigned) and consumers alike. Honestly it has me pretty excited, especially since it follows my model of value for value. permalink
I've been doing a lot of online and location research and my findings are backing up the theory. permalink
A picture named explosion.jpgTechnology has severley disrupted the music business and related industries. Creation and distribution just being two of the massive changes. Music product value has been diminished to a $0.99 track download. Music radio has been consolidated to only a few playlists determining airplay country-wide. Yet, "labels" still dominate the system. Artists still want to 'get signed' and make millions, allowing for only a handful to actually 'make it'. Time to zig where the majors zag. permalink
Now I need your help. permalink
I need input from artists and music consumers alike. permalink
For artists; what are your expectations from a 'label' (I don't want to make up any new names here, lets just call a spade a spade). What services do you expect and what is a reasonable 'deal'? permalink
What about creative control and ownership? permalink
What is your ultimate goal. What do you want to achieve? permalink
And finally, Product. What should your product really be? What do you music buyers/consumers want? What value do you place on a music product? permalink
I have many more questions, but this should be enough to get a discussion going, please post below in the comments. permalink
I will continue to update readers here on my blog as work progresses. permalink
Tick...tick...tick... permalink

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