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On the edge from worknotes
By Adam Curry on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 12:40 AM.
Following along with Dave's worknotes, living on the cutting edge since these aren't 'officially' released. permalink
I added the 'view outline' link to my World Outline template and gave it a try. It throws an error everywhere I try it: permalink
500 Server Error Poorly formed XML text, we were expecting a tag. (At character #8994.) permalink
The actual character 3 changes depending on the page I try it on. permalink
I also updated scripting2.root in the hopes I'd get the nice layout Dave has on Scripting News. No Joy, I guess I need to reset my template to virgin status... permalink
(postscript) It looks like something did change here on the blog after posting this. See the headline link. win! permalink

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