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A Message To #OccupyWallStreet
By Adam Curry on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 9:53 PM.
Earlier today I let up a trial balloon, and it soared immediately, receiving thousands of hits an hour. permalink
As expected several people aimed their BB-guns, attempting to shoot it down. permalink
I also learned that the idea isn't new. Max Keizer formulated it beautifully back in 2009. Max has already reached out to me in support of #occupycoke. Great. Max brings credibility and great insight. permalink
This is a followup post to the OccupyCoke project. It is a message to the #OccupyWallStreet movement. permalink
A picture named corpFlag.jpgTake a look at this flag. It was posted by Adbusters, the originators of the #Occupy movement. It symbolizes the problem: permalink
Corporations own the Politicians. Wall Street is the pimp. permalink
If the 99% want to really show their power, then you have to get their attention. permalink
Financial markets is the scoreboard. Just look at how much hoopla surrounds a new product release from Apple, people track the stock price like hawks. permalink
If the "99%" can make markets move, if only on one major stock, the Corporations, Politicians and most certainly Wall Street will listen. permalink
#OccupyCoke is designed to do just that. Companies listen to their customers, so do the analysts that follow their growth, as do the politicians who receive funding from them. permalink
Move the stock, everyone notices. permalink
Its the kind of power in numbers that will give the movement leverage. A big bargaining chip. permalink
To rebutt a common criticism, moving a company's stock down 20 points won't put thousands of people out of work over night, nor will it bankrupt it. But it will disrupt the lifeblood of the system. Value, and thus cash flows. permalink
Coca Cola is the perfect target for this type of action. Unlike Apple and Facebook, no one actually needs to drink coca cola. You can live without it for a month. It's logo is recognized globally, so signage is easy. And best of all, everyone can participate. How many times have we seen people turn their facebook icons and twitter avatars black, or green in protest of something? This time it will actually have an effect. Corporations don't like negative PR. permalink
Best of all, when the stupid media comes around asking what you stand for you can repeat this simple mantra: permalink
Corporations own the Politicians. Wall Street is the pimp. #OccupyCoke stops the funding of the 1% permalink

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