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By Adam Curry on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:11 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday October 27th 2011 permalink
Home for the Holidays permalink
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Home for the Holidays permalink
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Please join me in welcoming "" to the family! permalink
Now we just need Geoff to make an "In the vagina!" jingle and hilarity will ensue. permalink
Hit 'em in the mouth, permalink
Sir Dwayne permalink
In the morning Adam permalink
i have just purchased and setup forwards on the following domains: permalink permalink permalink
They are both set to point towards and should be live permalink
in the next 24 hours permalink
keep up the outstanding work permalink
Kilmo permalink
gitmo nation east permalink
In the morning! permalink
Aangezien je waarschijnlijk 100 mailtjes per minuut krijgt is mijn Re: waarschijnlijk tussen de stroom mails verdwenen. permalink
Daarin stond: permalink
Aangezien de╩╩blijft groeien permalink
en de NOS het hier over occupy adam heeft. permalink permalink
heb ik╩╩╩en╩╩maar geregistreerd een doorgelinkt naar╩ permalink
Sorry John, no cities in the Netherlands that could be shortened to John. permalink
Adios mofo's permalink
Matthijs Jansen permalink
From Producer Chris McGraw: permalink now forwards to permalink
These now forward to permalink permalink permalink
-Mike permalink
Now forwarding to permalink
-jeff permalink
Hi Adam & John, permalink
I put this into the stream as well.... permalink
Just thought I'd drop you a quick 2 minute interview with Sir Gavin of Melbourne. permalink
He fits the NA listener profile of being sceptical with a Black Ops background.... permalink
Maynard permalink
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