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Rolling My Own Google Reader
By Adam Curry on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 11:17 PM.
So, Google Reader is changing, integrating itself into Google+ permalink
I understand a lot of people wish they had some form of control over how they veiw their rss feeds in Google Reader. permalink
Personally, I like to see all my feeds in a 'river' of news. permalink
Just for fun, I rolled my own version of a reader, with a combo of the river view that I like and the 'mailboxes' view that others dig so much. permalink
I manage all of this in a point and click interface with the OPML Editor and the output is rendered through my World Outline. (screenshot) permalink
From the river view I can also download pdocasts directly and RT stories to my blog, my tumblr and twitter with a single click. (Screenshot) permalink
Best of all, I can manage my feeds on every computer I own. I never have to worry about synching of my feeds or views. permalink
And, I get to use is on my own domain name: permalink

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