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Using a Custom Bookmarklet with Android
By Adam Curry on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 5:23 PM.
I use a custom bookmarklet to quickly post links I want to share with the No Agenda community, or to my feed that flows into twitter. permalink
Unfortunately Android does not support javascript bookmarklets on their browser, which is on the mobile device I like to use most. permalink
This has always hampered my mobile usage, as posting a link would comprise several steps of copy/pasting into my posting interface. permalink
Yesterday I discovered a great free Android app that not only comes with a slew of pre-programmed bookmarklets for exsitiing services, but also allows you to create your own. permalink
Here's how you set it up for a Blork system: permalink
Download and install the app permalink
Select 'Custom Services' from the top of the menu permalink
Create a new service and enter the information as displayed in this screenshot. Please replace the '' part of the 'Base URL' with the domain name that your server is on. permalink
Now whenever you want to share a link to a page you're browing, just select 'Share Page' from the 'More' menu in the Android browser and select the Custom Services' option. permalink
In my case, the Blork popup window opens with the shortened url pre-populated as well as the title of the page in the 'Description' box. permalink
Hooking into the 'share' function of the browser on android can be developed into a custom app, if there are any Android devs out there using Android, here's what I presume is good documentation. permalink

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