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NANN now a full Community River
By Adam Curry on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 10:11 AM.
With the recent release of the community river feature in the OPML Editor River of News application, it is now possible to add an rss feed (or Atom) to the No Agenda News Network. permalink
A picture named NA-communityRiver.jpgNot only can you now subscibe the community to a feed you like, but you can also use it to contribute directly to the network by adding your own feed that you create with WordPress, Blogger or any other number of freely available systems. permalink
I use the free Radio2 system, that creates feeds as a desktop or server application and utilizes Amazon's S3 for bullet-proof hosting. permalink
I've had this operating in stealth mode for a few days and am happy with the results, so now it's time to open up the dors and see what happens. permalink
The server utilizes real-time rss, so any system that understands this (wordpress does) will update a changed feed almost instantaneously. permalink

This site contributes to the community river.

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