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By Adam Curry on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 8:41 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday December 29nd 2011 permalink
Phobos Grunts permalink
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Phobos Grunts permalink
Executive Producers: Sir Ray Jacobsen, Sir David Hoffman, Stevn Jaffe, Sir Paull Alves, Sir Kris Gielen, Spiros Bettas, Mark Lay, Robert Alter, Paul Palcsek permalink
Executive Producer and 368 Club member: Baron Steven Pelsmaeker permalink
Executive Producer and 369 Club members: Sir Kris Gielen, Baron Steven Pelsmaeker permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Herbert Harms, Dr. Anonymous, Massimo Cattaneo, Falko Richter, Sir Borislav 'Bobby' Marinov, Dean Carson permalink
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Hey Simon, I wanted to pass along that I am forwarding to You're the best way to get it to Adam and John so keep up the good work! permalink
Todd permalink now forwarding to permalink
Happy Christmas to you & miss micky, if only every day was Christmas, permalink
what a wonderful world it would be! permalink
Have a great one! permalink
Adam Randall permalink
Been sitting on this one for awhile: The picture links to right now.╩I'd love to get a list of everyone that's been called a douchebag on the show and put it up there, but I don't have enough time to go back and listen for them all. I can set up email forwards for emails, people can just send them to and I'll set it up. permalink
Can I get credit for and You can verify that I registered them with the whois info. permalink
I registered╩╩awhile ago and pointed it to╩ permalink
After listening to #367 I was surprised to find that these were still available, so I registered them too:╩,╩,╩,╩╩Set up a temporary site on, not totally sure what to do with it. permalink
Sorry for the long email! permalink
- Brad Dougherty permalink
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