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By Adam Curry on Sunday, January 01, 2012 at 8:10 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday January 1st 2012 permalink
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Executive Producers: Jason Hoffman, Justin Bacque, Sir Lennart permalink
Associate Executive Producers: Sir Oleg Rakitine, Jerri Jones (B.A.B.) permalink
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Adam permalink
I'm a feature film music editor,  composer and occasional movie producer in Gitmo Nation East,  and a big fan of the show.  permalink
I too was inspired by the "Open the Door,  Mr Curry"  clip to contemplate how great a movie could be about 2 cult podcasters on the run from "them".  permalink
But, unlike the guys from Australia, I have done nothing more about it yet... except buy the domain ' ', currently forwarding to   permalink
But, as and when the guys complete their movie, I'll re-assign it to that.   permalink
In the meantime, if they require a music score and some sound work, please pass on my details and I'll do it for nothing if you and John and the show in general get to benefit further down the line. permalink
Warm regards permalink
Andy Glen permalink
PS  Thanks for the birthday card I recently received from you guys ...  it made my day .   Another donation coming soon!   permalink
Happy New (final) Year.  permalink
Okay, I have the email address for anyone with The Judge. permalink or permalink
I'll have a beginning website up in a day or two. permalink
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