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No Agenda Podcast Calls Iowa Accurately
By Adam Curry on Wednesday, January 04, 2012 at 6:34 AM.
On Sunday's No Agenda Podcast, I accurately predicted the outcome of the 2012 Iowa caucus. permalink
Do I have a crystal ball? An inside source with the elites? permalink
Nope, I simply view this televised reality show as any television producer does. The photo finish was prefectly scripted, right down to Santorum's speech while he was ahead with 4% of the vote outstanding and Romney pulling ahead by a nose.  permalink
And then someone went overboard by deciding to drag out the final 2% for another two hours. Maybe viewership was lower than expected and they needed to air 'make-good' ads. Luckily CNN pulled 'Edith' in for some needed comedy. permalink
With 25 years of mainstream broadcast experience, I know that it's all about the art of the tease, keeping the audience engaged till the very end and tuned in for the next elimination round...which will be New Hampshire. I bet we can call who will get voted off the island next on Thursday's show.... permalink
Listen here permalink
Direct link to the mp3 permalink

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