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The Ron Paul Gold Standard Myth
By Adam Curry on Monday, January 02, 2012 at 6:34 PM.
I supported Ron Paul in the 2008 election process and am supporting him in this cycle as well. Hell, I've even registered as a republican to vote in the primary, which is a big deal since I despise the entire 'two party system' the media presents as our only choices. permalink
It is the same mainstream media that continues to infect intelligent people with myths about candidates. Presumably they do this on purpose. permalink
My current pet peeve is the meme that Ron Paul wants to return us the 'the dark ages' of the Gold Standard. Calling 1971 the 'dark ages' is in itself questionable. permalink
In his "Plan to Restore America" he makes no such claim. The mainstream media wants you to believe this and is fooling a lot of people into believing it is true. permalink
All I have ever heard Paul state is that the USA leaving the Gold Standard is the root of the economic bubbles we have witnessed since. permalink
Turn off your television. permalink

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