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Personal Data Vault
By Adam Curry on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 4:40 PM.
It may be time for a New Deal in online marketing permalink
With all the talk about online 'privacy', and how there is a trade-off between users of the web and providers of 'free' services, I finally installed a plug-in to my firefox browser that blocks all cookies, unless I specifically whitelist themu permalink
I don't play games, so I don't need any scores stored locally and the Firefox password manager does a good job at remembering passwords for sites that need them, and I have no problem whitelisting my own servers and those I really trust permalink
This led me to a thought, which although not new, warrants re-thinking. permalink
I want to consider tracking all of my online behaviour, locally or in a data storgae that I manage and own. permalink
Appparently from all the chatter, its quite valuable. permalink
If my trail of usage is so valuable, I want to be able to package this and use it in fair and open commerce permalink
What a market that would create! A fair one at that. permalink
Sure, maybe its only worth a couple bucks to twitter and a couple to google, but if you add it all up, and judging from the amount of cookies I just deleted, hundreds of companies are actively engaged in collecting my data. permalink
I'd like to help them, I can collect more than they can covertly, and I can do a much better job of sorting and managing the connections they seek to make. permalink
Then I'd like to sell it to them, or barter it. permalink
I'd need a good contract of course, one that explains exactly how my data will be used, and my counter-party should be able to be held accountable. permalink
Such a Personal Data Vault could be implemented for many different uses. It would certainly be interesting to historians in decades to come. permalink
I don't know if a system like this has been designed or tried, but I'd love any pointers if it exists. permalink
[postscript] permalink
Judging from the amount of Firefox anonymizers and proxy add-ons, there seems to be a lot of knowledge on how to block things and 'cloak' yourself while online. Why not store all this valuable data? permalink
This stuff is worth money. The first company to create this product will be building it for their first customers. I certainly would barter some of my data in exchange for being able to make more money by reselling it to other companies. Over, and over, and over again. permalink
An example: permalink
"Hey Paperboy!" (New York Times) "I'll give you a month's worth of data for a month of access to your news" permalink

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