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AT&T Data Scampaign
By Adam Curry on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 11:00 PM.
I was just one of many AT&T customers who received the now infamous 'throttling' threats. permalink
In today's WSJ the company uncloaks their ultimate goal permalink
They plan on offering big media companies a reverse billing service for bandwidth. permalink
Not unlike a toll-free telephone number, the cost of the bandwidth used can be billed to the provider permalink
Once implemented, you could watch a Netflix movie via 3G on your tablet without it affecting your personal bandwidth usage. permalink
This cost I believe will of course be passed on to the media companies customers one way or another, as they are now effectively paying for the bandwidth twice. permalink
The biggest problem with this Scampaign is that smaller and independent media companies will start to get squeezed out of the market. permalink

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