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No Agenda Podcast Not Showing on iTunes
By Adam Curry on Monday, February 04, 2013 at 7:32 AM.

We started receiving reports of the No Agenda show no longer showing up in iTunes as a podcast yesterday and today it appears the show is no longer available in any country in the iTunes podcast 'store'.  permalink

I'm going to give Apple the benefit of the doubt here. The feed for the podcast is definitely still known to the system, since I tried re-submitting it and received a message the the feed had already been submitted.  permalink

So while I'm not sure what is going on, now is the perfect time to cut the cloud out of the equation. To continue to enjoy your media assassination uninterrupted by third parties, simply subscribe to the show's feed directly in iTunes or the Podcast app, which I presume also is not showing us anymore.  permalink

The feed is:  permalink

If you're using any other type of podcast client, or podcatcher as we like to call it, you should probably make this conversion as well. ITM! permalink

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