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By Adam Curry on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 8:32 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday July 14th 2011 permalink
Internet in a Suitcase permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
Internet in a Suitcase permalink
Executive Producers: Joe Travis, Dwayne Melacon, Sir Lawrence Roik, Mark Lay, Sir Cecil Norris permalink
Executive Producers and 321 Club members: A.J. Rystad, Dwayne Melacon, Lawrence Roik, Mark Lay,  permalink
333 Club Members: Joe Travis permalink
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In the morning Crackpot & Buzzkill! permalink now redirects to    permalink
Love the podcast! permalink
--  permalink
Regards, permalink
Christopher Brocious permalink
shamnewsnetwork now forwards to permalink
Kelly Spongberg permalink
Hey man, love the show. permalink
I had a few domains sitting unused and decided to forward it to help permalink
propagate the message. permalink (I found that one suitable :-) permalink permalink permalink
Keep up the good fight. permalink
-RZ permalink
Adam, permalink
I decided to forward my domain name to permalink
I had plans to create a site for it, but haven't had the time. I'm not permalink
sure if you've covered the Reagan assassination attempt on your show permalink
(I've only been listening for about 6 months). The story always permalink
interested me since it happened when I was 7 years old.  I can't permalink
believe how the story of the Bush family connection was swept under permalink
the rug. John Hinckley Sr. was one of George's biggest campaign permalink
contributors when he was running against Reagan in the primaries. permalink
According to the Interwebs, the Bushs and Hinckleys were neighbors at permalink
one point.  Neil Bush was supposed to have lunch with the brother of permalink
John Hinckley Jr. the day after Regan was shot.  When asked about permalink
this, Neil's only response was that he wasn't sure if he ever met John permalink
Jr and said: "I don't recognize any pictures of him. I just wish I permalink
could see a better picture of him."  I planned on creating a site with permalink
a few pictures of John Jr to see if I could jar his memory.  Well, permalink
hopefully this forward will be more productive. I just set it to permalink
forward through Godaddy tonight, and will check to see if it actually permalink
works in the morning. permalink
Thanks for the great show, permalink
-Paul permalink, and all pointing to permalink
Just thought you may want to expand that onthetweeter stuff a bit. permalink
If you credit me for these domains, just say AJ in One Tree Hill – Gitmo Nation Carbon Tax permalink
Hey guys, permalink
Just wanted to let you know I registered and am forwarding it to permalink
Thanks, permalink
- Brian Farris permalink
North Carolina permalink
ITM Adam: permalink
I'm writing to you with another website forward that I did. It's the second one I've registered. permalink
John's gonna like this one: permalink
About me: permalink
I'm a Web Dev/Sys Admin in Charlotte, NC. I just got my job recently. I've only had a couple of paychecks, and plan on working towards a knighthood, but as i'm recently married and my wife is still unemployed, it's hard to find the money. It's easy, however, to register a couple of sites.  As long as i'm helping that cause somehow, or at least I tell myself that so I don't feel guilty for being a boner. permalink
Note: I just registered the site, so if it brings you to a godaddy parked page just keep refreshing, it'll get set soon. permalink
Sean Lambert permalink
I forwarded the following domains to permalink  -cant believe this was still available! permalink permalink permalink   permalink permalink permalink
David Hollis permalink
Shut-up Slave! permalink
I would like to get more info on contributing to the NANN. permalink
Also, I am donating some of my blood errr... treasure? permalink
www.theovalorifice is now forwarding to permalink
-> Bamm! permalink
Also, what are the steps to getting a podcast/show on the stream? permalink
Cheers permalink
Bob Brunner permalink
Adam, permalink
I hope this note finds you well. I've recently become a big fan of No Agenda thanks to my husband who's been a fan for a long time. I wanted to let you know that we have forwarded the link to Can't thank you enough for all that you and John do to shed the light.  permalink
Also: forwarded a note to Micky about having an Upstate NY meet up. permalink
Peace, permalink
Alana permalink
Hey guys in honor of John's favorite exasperated utterance, I registered and am forwarding it to (I just did it so it may take a little bit for the forward to work). permalink
Thanks, permalink
Sean Pendergast permalink
I just changed the domain to forward to It might take a day or two for the name server change to go through everywhere though. permalink
Now for the history behind the domain name. Försäkringskassan is the Swedish government agency that deals with social security and pensions. In the Gitmo East (the UK) the corresponding name would be DWP, Department for Work and Pensions. permalink
Försäkringskassan used to have the domain name, but then changed it to I've had far longer than they've had though. As the domain is not making me any money and they don't seem to want to buy it despite it having a fair number of visitors each month (no doubt people who meant to type but instead typed the .com variety), I thought I should put it to far better use by forwarding it to With some luck, a few of the people who was looking to claim some social security money will decide to spend some on proper knighthoods instead. permalink permalink (ie casey anthony) permalink
Hi Simon,  permalink
Here's another two domains both redirected to  permalink
- permalink
- permalink
Cheers!  permalink
Sir Peet permalink
itm adam, permalink
To celebrate Show 321 I now count 501 domains related to the show - 62 of them links that rock and the rest directing to the show page... thats one crazy list :-) permalink
Keep up the good work, and I hope the hotpockets tour goes well.  If you manage a meeting in NYC it would be great to meet you, permalink
Cheers, permalink
Simon permalink
No Agenda Show 320 Link permalink
In the Morning JCD and Adam, permalink
I would like to offer the following value for value. permalink
Any supporter who contributes $70 + episode number, will have the episode of their choice remixed, and uploaded to my youtube channel. permalink
The mp3 will also be uploaded to the NANN. permalink
Here is a remix of No Agenda 320. permalink permalink
In the example above, a donation of $73.20 to would suffice, however, the first one is free =) permalink
I will do my best to keep up with the requests, and add bonus production value at the request of a No Agenda Dame or Knight. permalink
(more background music transitions and samples) permalink
If you feel this initiative has legs, I will do my best to provide value for value, in support of the entertainment No Agenda provides me. permalink
Sincerely,  permalink
The LoneSQRL permalink
LoneSQRL Rant and Rave version permalink
Knighthoods: A.J. Rystad, Daniel Melancon's Son, Don Bean, Cecil Norris permalink
Art By: Thoren permalink
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New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) Link permalink
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