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Hot Pockets Are Go!
By Adam Curry on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 5:44 AM.
Its Thursday night and this will be our last evening in Los Angeles for the next 5 weeks or so as we leave tomorrow on a dream trip. permalink
What started as one of those 'you know what would be cool' ideas, is now a reality! In the morning, we fly to Virginia where the No Agenda Rig awaits our departure on an RV tour across the United States. permalink
A picture named hotpocketstourSmallpic.jpgI've decided this will be a good opportunity to reinvigorate the blog, keep a running jourmal of each day's events as we cruise south, around the Florida pan handle, along the gulf coast and up the rockies before heading east again. permalink
That's kind of the plan at least. We don't have one, on purpose. permalink
We do have over 200 invites from listeners/producers of the No Agenda Podcast who have offered their driveways, wifi and good home cooking. permalink
To say we're excited is an understatement. permalink
We're also a bit nervous in a way I guess, this is a big deal :-) permalink
Twice a week I'll be broadcasting live from the road as well as producing the Big App Show. You should see the gear I have packed to make this happen. Don't worry, you will, as Ms Micky will be taking plenty of pictures of our travels. permalink
Updates to follow tomorrow upon arrival at Baroness Maggie Vincent's estate in Virginia! permalink

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