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By Adam Curry on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 8:30 PM.
No Agenda Show for Sunday July 17th 2011 permalink
Pastafarians Unite! permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
Pastafarians Unite! permalink
Executive Producers: Michael Zelina, Craig William Ducar, David Hewitt, Christian Winter, Ying Zhu permalink
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I've forwarded the domain to permalink
Tristan permalink
i have set up, and renewed most of these .coms. i am checking to make sure they are all fowarding to no agenda, and can change them to foward where ever you like. i had plans for the console, but won't be able to get to that till after this semester or maybe longer.  permalink permalink as in f u new world order permalink  permalink permalink permalink
and of course  permalink permalink
matthew van meter permalink
With your coming move to Las Vegas, Nevada here is a new domain forward. permalink
  permalink                              permalink
Now forwarding to No Agenda. permalink
Sincerely, permalink
Derrick Winke, permalink
This one sure fits the show ;-) permalink permalink
ITM permalink
Martijn permalink
I'm a longtime No Agenda slave-ducer, and compared to mainstream media, your show is like washing out my ears with Purell or vodka.  Speaking of, I've got a few shots of vodka already inside me now and more on the way!  But I digress. permalink
I just registered as I recently watched Soylent Green and thought of you and John.  (I still need to configure the DNS server so, for the time being, the www is required.  Godaddy sucks balls.) permalink
Also, I donated $33.33 in hopes of a karma shout-out/podcast license.  Tomorrow I'm taking the dreaded MCAT, the assessment exam for medical school, and I figured I'd need some karma to help grease the heavenly wheels. permalink
Thanks, and good luck on the road tour! permalink
Matthew Cheng permalink   now forwards to permalink
Another Forward toward getting the World Record permalink
Thank You, permalink
Larry Haas permalink
So, as of now, is redirecting to permalink
Thanks and keep up the great work, permalink
Peter Richards permalink
Facebook: hotpocketstour2008 permalink
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