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The Baroness and The Pilgrim
By Adam Curry on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 4:59 PM.
7/16/11; 12:43:05 PM by AC permalink
We arrived 15 minutes head of schedule yesterday at Dulles international, after an uneventful flight (I love United's channel 9 from the flight deck audio channel, pure aviation pr0n) and we were met at baggage claim by No Agenda producers Harry Pilgrim and his lovely wife Jen. They had the most awesome Hot Pockets 2008 tour sign to identify themselves to us, but Harry's brand new ankle cast and crutches were a dead giveaway :-) permalink
harry and jen pilgrimThis started a pretty surreal experience for us, it really is happening! The NA audience is taking care of us as promised! permalink
We collected out bags and started the hour+ long journey to Fredericksburg, home of Baroness Maggie Vincent of Virginia. These kinds of drives, which included an amazing amount of standstill traffic, are a great way to get to know each other. We had a lot of good laughs about the show, Harry's work and life stuff. permalink
10 minutes into F-town and we turned left into an oasis of gardening beauty, with the Fourwinds 5000 RV parked in it's own special bay. Our new home for the next 5 weeks! permalink
jen,harry,MrSmith,maggie,RVMany pictures to come of the rig and our hostess Maggie & the mysterious 'Mr Smith', who really rolled out all the goods for our 'homecoming'. Martinis, Cosmos, Beer, wine, BBQ skewers, cheese fondu, all topped off with a chocolate fondu consisting of secret ingredients such as "some french stuff', all home made delights courtesey of Miss Maggie. permalink
night time va fireAfter smoking a cigar around the outdoor fireplace, we rolled into bed around midnight, content, dead tired, bellies full and hearts overflowing. permalink
A picture named thumbnail.jpgEven though the rig is about 5 feet shorter than the one we took on the test drive, the bed appears to be about a foot longer. A welcome surprise for the two blond giants that we are :-) We slept like logs, and were awakened by the sound of the birds and the Virginia sun just rising through the trees. In a word; glorious! permalink
Mr Smith took us out to the 'Battlefield Restaurant' for a true southern breakfast, introducing Ms Micky to her first Biscuits and Gravy. It Sticks To Your Ribs! permalink
A quick spin through the organic food section of Wegmans, and back to the homestead for showers and preparations for the 2pm No Agenda producer meetup. permalink
Can't wait to put some faces to names, get some great pictures and then settle in to test the mobile studio and start prepping for tomorrow's show. permalink
Even in these short 24 hours of being here I can confirm that Virginia truly is for Lovers. permalink

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