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Charleston South Carolina
By Adam Curry on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 3:14 PM.
7/21/11; 7:57:51 AM by AC permalink
Good Morning from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina! permalink
I think I have to give up on the pictures on the blog, Ms Micky's offyourfacebook page seems to be the place where everyone is watching and commenting. Of course there is an RSS feed as I mentioned yesterday, so at least folks like me aren't totally locked out :-) permalink
After a peaceful night parked out front of Stuart Greenes home in Asheville, we awoke fresh and ready for the drive to Charleston South Carolina. permalink
Our actual departure out of Asheville was delayed a couple hours due to a visit to the 'Biltmore Home', the largest private hoe in the United States (afaik), built as a 'vacation home' by George Vanderbilt. This place is amazing, and I'm gad we took the time to look at just how well the elite$ of the previous century lived. permalink
Crikey, the drive from the entrance gate to the house alone is 5 miles! permalink
All the 'guides'' and workers on the premises seemed a bit MK Ultra, partial nazi like vibe, but I guess they've been trained by thos who know how to handle human resources. permalink
No pictures allowed inside, or use of the facilities. Even though the home boasts 43 bathrooms, in a home built in an era when most homes still had an outhouse. permalink
How ironic is it that I visit the family home of Anderson Vanderbilt Pooper, and I'm not allowed to poop there?! permalink
After the Biltmore we hauled ass down I-26, unfortunately we ran out of time to make a 1.5 hour detour to visit Marvin & Joshua's Exxon Station at Exit 135 on Route I-95 (SC) for a quick meetup and free fill-up, but we spoke on the phone and they were dissapointed, but understanding. I felt pretty bad about missing them, but that's how it goes when you're freewheeling the hotpockets I guess. permalink
About 2 hours from Charleston, we stopped at Live Oak Farms, somehting Micky found on an app of fresh food places (name forthcoming) and picked up some frsh eggs, milk, cottage cheese and homemade jam and other goodies. A real treat! permalink
We arrived at our campground around 7:45pm, just in time to get our reserved spot on a beautiful lake and watch the sunset while drinking some Virginia Chardonnay. permalink
Oh, lest I forget, it's 116 degrees Farenheit here. Fuck me, Global warming does exist I guess :-) permalink
The show starts in about an hour from now, wifi at the camp is good when it doesn't break up, presumably some other RV-er bittorrenting wife-swapping pr0n, so I've opted for trying the AT&T 3G connection. I just did a test and it seems to be functioning, but fully expect Murphy to mess with me when we go live. permalink
A picture named acsHat.jpgOh yes, got me a hat. I like it. permalink

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