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By Adam Curry on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 7:57 PM.
No Agenda Show for Thursday July 21st 2011 permalink
CIA vs MI6 permalink
CIA vs MI6 permalink
Executive Producers: John Turek permalink
Executive Producers and 323 Club members: John Turek permalink
Become a member of the 324 Club, support the show here Link permalink
ITM, Adam ... permalink
Here's one for you I just snagged (it'll forward to the show later today) permalink
 permalink permalink
which doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense ... till you start in on the subdomains: permalink
 permalink permalink permalink
ALSO: I nagged you about a month ago about my knighthood ring (I was knighted about 20 shows ago) ... still no ring, so if you can give Eric the Shill a nudge for me, I'd appreciate it permalink
Safe travels ... hope to see some challenge coins on display at the meetups permalink
(And I hope you're propagating the formula by spreading some╩ as you go!) permalink permalink
now forwards to ! permalink
Thanks for the infotainment permalink
Phil permalink
ITM, permalink
A few domains I forwarded to the site... permalink permalink permalink
Cheers, permalink
Sir Todd Symmons permalink
Double Black Knight permalink
White Knight permalink
Minute Man permalink
Mothership Boarding Pass Holder permalink
Multiple Club Member permalink
Slave permalink
I picked up these two domains and forwarded to the show permalink permalink
and permalink╩  permalink
Please let listeners know they get their own email address to manage their local groups & can modify the calender anytime they want (after we give them access).╩ It might work out good for you if you want to do world tours, to have these groups pre-established! permalink
Here's the URL : permalink
BTW: I tried to get a verified twitter account.╩ They replied, "we only verify advertisers & partners."╩ If you do a "verify" search on twitter's help & FAQ page, they have the same statement.╩ Therefore, I'm sure their trending topics are fixed as well. permalink
Hi Adam and John! permalink
Time for a new presidential election, time for a new agenda! To celebrate permalink
all that is No Agenda, I decided to register and forward permalink
to permalink
One day I hope to be a donor instead of a boner, but I figure the domain permalink
forward will help for now! permalink
Sincerely, permalink
Chris Arnesen, Gitmo Nation Bridgetown (Portland, Oregon) permalink
Hi Adam (& John), permalink
I know we've seen No Agenda dice, but I believe my latest producer project is a  permalink
first: permalink permalink
My family and I have play-tested the hell out of this game, and it is FUN to  permalink
play! Adam, I'm hoping to get a game deck out to you before the tour is over.  permalink
John, I'll send yours to the PO box. permalink
I'm hoping a shout-out on the Show will pique interest in the game. permalink
All the best, permalink
Brian (aka Scott Free on the NANN) permalink
Hello again, Professor Curry╩- In case the masses of uninitiated slaves out there eventually attempt to visit the following domains,╩I figured╩I should go ahead and get╩them locked down and forwarding to the appropriate location: permalink permalink permalink
As a Libertarian I'm probably biased, but I would suggest "For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto," by Murray N. Rothbard, to you to check out sometime. Conveniently, the Mises Institute provides it as a free audiobook using the following link (add to╩iTunes as a Podcast or simply download manually by browsing there): permalink permalink
Hope to eventually see the Hot Pockets 2008 Tour heading for the Second City! permalink
Peace / love (no homo) / big hair permalink
--Toby╩ permalink
Not sure if this is the proper method of contacting you (since I had to get the information from my husband) but I just wanted to drop you a line to say we love your show. And since you two have provided many hours of entertainment on long cross-state drives, I recently got the domain and forwarded it to your show. permalink
I'm going to go giggle my arse off in the corner since I have to laugh every time I think of some random guy trading his soul for one of those things. permalink
Thanks! permalink
Lisa (and Ryan) Bemrose permalink
Got it! ╩ is now forwarding to at least until I get a site put together for it. permalink
-Chris permalink
Forwards to permalink
Sean McGrath permalink
Executive Producer No Agenda - Show #300 permalink
Hi Adam, permalink
Quick note; papypal didn't let me add a note (on iPad) [$66.66 donation on jul. 18th,] permalink
- Now selling beautiful handcrafted iPad stands with kickass NA logo for █33. Compatible with iPad 1 and 2, kindles and iPhones. 66% of profits going to NA! permalink
(won't bore you with details on why it took so long to set up) permalink
- Birthday callout on and for the 21st would be awesome, celebrating my 31st permalink
Hope to sell many no agenda iPad stands and donate lots and lots more to No Agenda soon! permalink
David Bakker permalink
Lauren Clawhammer Sheville meetup Lesbian permalink
Marvin & Joshua Exxon Station Exit 135 on Route I-95 (SC) permalink
James Madison Home permalink
Live Oak Farms permalink
Biltmore Home permalink
Ciro Picciriuo $100 permalink
4 Silver Dollars from Glenn Woodfin permalink
New books signed in Salem permalink
Art By: Jesse Anderson permalink
Direct link to the mp3 file Link permalink
ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) Link permalink
New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) Link permalink
The No Agenda News Network- Link permalink
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